The Support Services Division performs administrative support and clerical duties for various divisions of the Senate Staff and for the various committees of the Senate.

Functions performed by the Support Services Division include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing meeting notices, agendas, committee files and any other related documents for committee and subcommittee meetings;
  • Attending such meetings to provide administrative support to the analysts;
  • Typing and assembling committee reports and conference committee reports and maintaining committee files and records;
  • Preparing major fiscal and/or committee staff publications;
  • Logging and routing all Senate bill and research requests through the various stages of preparation and revision;
  • Receiving and routing incoming telephone calls to various divisions of the staff and greeting and directing visitors to the staff office;
  • Proofing various documents and archiving certain records.


Liz Park-Capron, Director - 405.521.5763
Appropriations & Subcommittees on Appropriations


Administrative Assistants

Andrea Gaylord, Administrative Assistant - 405.521.5527
Health & Human Services; Judiciary; Public Safety

Linda Oden, Administrative Assistant - 405.521.5312
General Government; Agriculture & Wildlife; Energy

Mary Savuto, Administrative Assistant - 405.521.5750
Retirement & Insurance; Transportation; Rules; Business & Commerce; Exec Nom

Kaycee Valencia, Administrative Assistant - 405.521.5656
Education; Veterans & Military Affairs


Senate Engrossing & Enrolling/Bill Processing

Margaret Ford, Coordinator - 405.530.2342

Claire McAtee, Assistant Coordinator - 405.530.2311

Spring Nguyen, SBP/E&E Assistant - 405.530.2316

Linda Oden, SBP/E&E Assistant - 405.521.5312

Mark Reudy, SBP/E&E Assistant - 405.521.5668


Division Organization