The Central Services Group orders supplies, distributes office supplies and furniture, and maintains an ongoing inventory of all supplies/furniture/fixtures that are the property of the Oklahoma State Senate. This group is also responsible for all incoming and outgoing mail for the Senate. The Bill Distribution group provides duplication services to state agencies, lobbyists, and the public wishing to receive copies of legislation that is filed.

The Meeting/Office Services Group is responsible for providing daily maintenance of the offices and meeting rooms as well as preparing the meeting rooms for use.


Roger Pirrong, Director - 405.521.5701



Central Services

Peachye Miller, Postal Clerk -405.521.5515

Gary Nelsen, Bill Distribution - 405.521.5514

Phillip Raymond, Supply Clerk - 405.521.5516


Meeting / Office Services - 405.521.5517

Ray Boykins, Service Technician

Quentin King, Service Technician

Carl McDowell, Lead Service Technician


Division Organization