The Records and Information Division maintains the official records of the Oklahoma State Senate. This is accomplished by accurately recording all official floor actions while the Senate is in session as well as all official actions on all bills and resolutions.

Records and Information maintains the Senate bill status system and provides information on legislation, past and present, to the Senate Staff and the public. The Division also maintains the Senate citator and the subject index. Records and Information also compiles, edits and produces the official daily and permanent Senate Journals.

Paul Ziriax - Secretary of the Senate - 405.521.2391

Becky Welch - Chief Journal Clerk / Director  - 405.521.5772

Jennifer Dorn - Calendar Clerk - 405.521.5549

Pam Green - Citator Clerk (session only) - 405.521.5781

Diana Holladay - Information Clerk (session only) - 405.521.5650

Megan Bednarz - Subject Index Clerk/Agenda Clerk - 405.521.5764

Cindi Raymond - Research Coordinator - 405.521.5642

Barbara Rogers -  Message Clerk - 405.521.5525

Sound Board Technician (session only) - 405.530.2395


Division Organization