The Senate Fiscal Staff assists the Senate in developing the state budget.

The Fiscal Staff consists of six analysts and is supervised by the Chief of Staff. Each analyst is assigned to an appropriations subcommittee. Five subcommittees are responsible for developing the annual budgets of the 78 state agencies that are supported by general tax revenues. Those subcommittees are assigned from 13-20 agencies each, grouped according to broad policy area.

Functions performed by the Senate Fiscal Staff include:

  • Inventory all sources of revenues available for appropriation by the Legislature;

  • Review and scrutinize budget requests by state agencies;

  • Provide research and analysis on fiscal information to help the Senate make decisions;

  • Organize and provide support for subcommittee meetings;

  • Draft appropriations bills;

  • Assess agencies' progress toward meeting fiscal policy goals;

  • Monitor agencies' spending to ensure compliance with legislative intent;

  • Analyze agency program performance measures.


Anthony Sammons, Director of Fiscal Staff - 405.521.5696

Amy Dunaway, Special Projects - 405.521.5775

Fiscal Staff:

Caden Cleveland, Fiscal Analyst - 405.521.5693
Subcommittee on Public Safety

Jason Deal, Fiscal Analyst - 405.521.5766
Subcommittee on General Government; Transportation; Select Agencies

Quinten Dilbeck, Fiscal Analyst- 405.530.2384
Subcommittee on Natural Resources and Regulatory Services

Leigh Garrison, Fiscal Analyst - 405.521.5778
Subcommittee on Education

Will Robinson, Fiscal Analyst - 405.521.5670
Subcommittee on Health; Human Services


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