The Senate Committee Staff assists the Senate in fulfilling the Senate's functions related to legislation and services to the public.

The Committee Staff consists of legislative analysts and attorneys. Each analyst and attorney are assigned to one or more standing legislative committees. The Committee Staff, at the direction of committee chairs, organizes activities of Senate standing committees. Committee Staff performs similar services for subcommittees, interim committees, special committees, task forces and joint legislative committees. Members of the Committee Staff also perform a number of other duties in the subject areas of the committees they serve. These include conducting research and policy analysis on existing and potential legislative issues, drafting legislation, assisting Senators with constituents' requests for information, and reviewing implementation of laws pertaining to state agencies. Additionally, attorneys conduct legal research and provide legal assistance and advice for the Senate.


Matt Duehning, Director of Committee Staff - 405.521.5688

Staffing Assignments (Legislative Analysts):

Erin Boeckman, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5671

Cate Brantley, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5570
Energy; Retirement & Insurance

David Crall, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5776
Health and Human Services

Jason Deal, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5766

Quinten Dilbeck, Legislative Analyst - 405.530.2384
Agriculture and Wildlife

Matt Glanville, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5715
General Government, Vets & Military Affairs

Becky Haliburton, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5767
Public Safety

Tracy Kersey, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5571

Nancy Pellow, Legislative Analyst - 405.524.0126
Business; Commerce & Tourism

Joanie Raff, Legislative Analyst - 405.521.5677

Kalen Taylor - Research Analyst - 405.521.5605

Staffing Assignments (Attorneys):

Lori Block, Attorney - 405.521.5773
Appropriations; Health and Human Services; Veterans and Military Affairs

Cheryl Purvis, Attorney - 405.521.5530
Finance; Rules

Anthony Sammons, Assistant Director of Fiscal Staff/Attorney - 405.521.5696
Business; Commerce & Tourism

Chris Turner Jr., Attorney - 405.521.5529
Education; Transportation; Retirement & Insurance


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