The Administrative Services Group (ASG) is responsible for reviewing, approving, and processing all Senate payrolls, travel claims, and vendor payments as well as all matters related to group insurance, retirement, and employee benefits.  Additionally, they reconcile all financial transactions and publish a monthly financial report for use in developing and monitoring the Senate’s operating budget.  The ASG works closely with external auditors in the compilation and interpretation of all Senate financial records used to generate the annual audit report.

The Message Center receives incoming calls and directs them to the appropriate office, along with taking and distributing messages. 

The Senate “Page Program” enlists high school students to assist in the operations of the Senate during the legislative session. The Senate “Intern Program” utilizes college students who wish to obtain public policy experience and college credit through an internship with the State Senate.

The Security Services Group deals with emergency evacuation procedures, emergency medical procedures, and communication between the Senate and all State law enforcement agencies.


Brian Phillips, Director of Administration - 405.521.5627


Administrative Services

Diana Holladay, Receptionist - 405.521.5692

Janis Nelsen, Payroll/Human Resources Coordinator - 405.521.5686

Kim Shearon, Receptionist - 405.521.5691

Cathey Jo Warner, Benefits Coordinator / Finance / Travel Coordinator - 405.521.5661


Message Center

Dorothy Jenkins, Operator - 405.524.0126


Page / Intern Program

Cathey Jo Warner, Page Program & Intern Coordinator/Messengers - 405.521.5661


Security / Sergeants  (Session Only)

Bob Craig, Chief Sergeant - 405.521.5676


Division Organization