1st Revised

Senate Floor Agenda

Friday, May 26, 2017






Senior Pastor Rodney Fouts, North Church, Oklahoma City, Senator Allen




Hunter Caskey, MD, Norman, Senator Sparks






1.      HB2386 By Osborn (Leslie) et al of the House and David et al of the Senate

Schools; modifying the definition of teacher; emergency.


2.      HB2406 By Osborn (Leslie) et al of the House and David et al of the Senate

Insurance; creating the Individual Health Insurance Market Stabilization Act; emergency.


3.      HB2433 By Osborn (Leslie) et al of the House and David et al of the Senate

Revenue and taxation; sales tax exemptions for motor vehicle sales; exemptions subject to other tax; reducing exemption amount; effective date; emergency.


            HB2433 CS FI.docx






4.      SB456 By Newhouse et al of the Senate and McDugle of the House

Soldiers and sailors; directing the Department of Veterans Affairs to create a registry for service-disabled veterans. Effective date.


5.      HB1338 By Babinec et al of the House and Dugger of the Senate

Prisons and reformatories; allowing certain inmates to request medical parole review; effective date.


            HB1338 int fi.docx



6.      HB1465 By Echols et al of the House and Dahm of the Senate

Driver licenses; relating to REAL ID; limiting the sharing of certain information; child passenger restraint system requirements; exception for rear-facing requirement; emergency.


7.      HB1491 By Newton of the House and Marlatt of the Senate

Children; lowering age of children at summer youth camp exempt from act; adding exemption for certain child care facilities; emergency.


8.      HB1578 By Caldwell et al of the House and Stanislawski of the Senate

Schools; creating the School Finance Review Commission Act; creating task force; creating Commission; effective date; emergency.


            HB1578 int fi.doc



9.      HB2186 By Henke et al of the House and Holt et al of the Senate

Alcoholic beverages; motion picture theatres; definitions; licensing; repealer; effective date.


10.  HB1335 By Hoskin of the House and Sparks of the Senate

Criminal procedure; acts of committed by persons with mental illness or mental defect; adding definition; authorizing videoconferencing of certain proceedings; effective date.




11.  SCR15 By Griffin of the Senate and Mulready of the House

Concurrent Resolution; delaying implementation of certain request for proposal until certain date; and directing distribution.


12.  HCR1009 By Martin et al of the House and Yen et al of the Senate

Oklahoma Health Care Authority; directing the Authority to refrain from awarding certain contract; distribution.




Key to abbreviations:  FA, floor amendment; FS, floor substitute; RT, restore title; FI, fiscal impact statement; AO, actuarial opinion; INT, introduced version; CS, committee substitute; MTR, motion to reconsider; GO, general order.