Study to Examine Developing a Program for State Employees to Receive Short-Term Disability

(Senate Interim Study 17-9)



SUBJECT:                       First Meeting

DATE:                             Wednesday, November 1, 2017

TIME:                               10:00 AM

LOCATION:                      Room 230, State Capitol Building





1.        Senator Kay Floyd, Introductory remarks


2.        Jake Smith, Director of Talent Management, Office of Management and Enterprise Services


  3.       Sean Wallace, Oklahoma Public Employees Association


  4.       Heidi Gerbratch, Program Director for National Bright Cities, a program of Healthy Babies Bright Futures


5.        Ali Dodd, Oklahoma family leave advocate


6.        Sean Voskuhl, State Director of AARP Oklahoma


7.        Anna Potts, Oklahoma Public Employees Association                  


8.        Other business.




Senator Bill Brown, Chair

Senator Marty Quinn, Vice-Chair

Senator James Leewright

Senator Kevin Matthews

Senator Dan Newberry


Senate Staff:

Cate Brantley, Legislative Analyst

Chris Turner, Attorney

Mary Savuto, Administrative Assistant


Senator Lonnie Paxton                                               

Senator Roland Pederson                                                                     

Senator John Sparks


Study Requested By:

Senator Floyd and Senator Dossett




 November 1, 2017