Study on the high rates of female incarceration, the causes and impact on our state. Study what we are doing to help offenders re-enter society without re-offending, while keeping the public safe.

(Senate Interim Study 15-61)



SUBJECT:                   First Meeting

MEETING DATE:         Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MEETING TIME:          9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

LOCATION:                 Room 230, State Capitol Building



Welcome & Introductions

Facts and Figures relating to Female Incarceration and Reentry.

Marilyn Davidson, Legislative Liaison, Oklahoma Department of Corrections,

Dr. Pourett Mohsen, Director, Evaluation and Analysis Unit, Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Overview of Female Incarceration

Dr. Susan Sharp, Professor of Sociology and L.J. Semrod , Presidential Professor, University of Oklahoma

Policy Recommendations

Kelley Doyle, Oklahoma State Director, Center for Employment Opportunities: Challenges Facing Women Exiting Jails and Prisons, CEO - Evidence, Outcomes, Statewide Presence

Preventing Incarceration through Mental health Programs

Dr. Jana Morgan, Chief Mental Health Officer, Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Overview of the Continuum of Service and Programs Working with Women, Gaps in the Services

Stephanie Horten, Director, Women’s Justice Project

How DOC is trying to prepare the female offenders to renter the real world

Sharon McCoy, Warden, Eddie Warrior Correctional Center, Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Diversion Programs for Female Offenders

Tara Willet, Community Sentencing Specialist, Oklahoma Department of Corrections

The Long Journey of Reentry for Women

Deidra Kirtley, Executive Director, Resonance Center for Women, Inc.

Risk/Needs/Services to Reduce Receptions and Recidivism, Gender-Responsive Strategies, Importance of Dual Generation, Programs for Justice-Involved Women, Gaps in Services

Heather Langley, Employment Specialist, Women in Recovery

Programs Preparing Women for Reentry

Rev. Charles Freyder, Chaplain, Oklahoma Department of Corrections:

Faith Based Ministry in Prison

Rhonda Bear, Program Manager, Women in Transition

Impact of Incarceration on Families

Timothy Tardibono, President, Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma

LUNCH - Noon to 1:00 p.m.

First Steps, Initial Needs

George Williams, Transportation Coordinator/Instructor, The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM)

Efforts Being Made by DOC in the Area of Reentry

Reginald Hines, Division Manager, Community Corrections, Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Efforts Being Made and Lessons Learned from the Faith Community

Dr. Stan Basler, DMin, Saint Paul School of Theology

A Model of Reentry by the Faith Community

Kris Steele, Executive Director, The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM)

The Big Picture of Reentry

Brent Van Meter, Senior Reentry Consultant, The Strategic Reentry Group

New Things Being Proposed

Adam Luck, State Director, Right on Crime

Prisoner Transformation

Bill Farley, President, Oklahoma Jail & Prison Ministries Board of Directors

What Worked in Los Angeles County

Alexander R. Yim, Chief (Retired), County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

Evidence/Proven Practices Regarding Reentry, Benefits of Transitional Jobs and Working with Offenders, CEO’s Model, Statewide Presence and Outcomes

Pat Viklund, Oklahoma City Metro Area Director, Center for Employment Opportunities

Wrap Up and Adjournment

Senator Wayne Shaw


Public Safety Committee Members:

Senator Don Barrington, Chair

Senator Corey Brooks, Vice-Chair

Senator Josh Brecheen

Senator Kim David

Senator John Ford

Senator David Holt

Senator Kevin Matthews

Senator Susan Paddack

Senator Wayne Shaw


Senate Staff:

Becky Haliburton, Legislative Analyst

Judy King, Attorney

Jose Salinas, Fiscal Analyst

Kaycee Valencia, Admin. Assist.



September 16, 2015