Motor Vehicles


SB 1176 (Rozell/Fields): Increases the fine from $1,000 to $10,000 for violating any of the provisions of the Odometer Setting Act.

SB 1251 (Shurden/Leist): Allows motor vehicle rebuilders who are licensed used motor vehicle dealers and who obtain a rebuilder certificate to participate in wrecked vehicle auctions which were previously limited to dismantlers obtaining the vehicles for parts. The bill makes some other minor changes to the motor vehicle laws.

SB 1256 (Easley/Kinnamon): Modifies motor vehicle information that can be released by the Tax Commission and allows the Tax Commission or motor license agents to release such information for a fee of $1 per vehicle ($2 per certified copy). The bill also provides that permanent non expiring plates may be issued by motor license agents, but are limited to owners of 100 or more commercial vehicles, rather than 10 or more vehicles.

HB 1009 (Ostrander/Herbert): Third bill of the session (after HB 2655 and SB 1143) to amend the definition of "electric vehicle technician" as used in the Alternative Fuels Technician Certification Act. Under this measure, the term applies to persons who install, modify, repair, do maintenance on, or renovate "charging systems, motors, controllers, power sources, or the drive systems of vehicles powered by electricity."

HB 2260 (Kirby/Helton): Increases penalties, including driver's license revocation, for a conviction of driving with illegally-obtained out-of-state license tags and provides penalties for operation of a vehicle under a non-use affidavit.

HB 2272 (Satterfield/Long): Increases maximum wrecker and towing service rates and sets maximum fees and charges for storage and after-hours release of towed vehicles.

HB 2750 (Satterfield/Long): Enacts new law requiring that vehicles used as wreckers or tow trucks be tagged as such, and requiring that a copy of a license to operate a wrecker or towing service, together with a security verification form showing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), must be presented for registration of the vehicle. Failure to comply can mean, in addition to penalties under the Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act, revocation of the license to operate the wrecker or towing service.

HB 3274 (Braddock/Henry): Expands the term "performance of authorized post-sale work pursuant to warranty" to include premises or facilities at which a person engages only in the repair of motor vehicles if the repairs are performed pursuant to the terms of a franchise and motor vehicle manufacturer's warranty. Other provisions of the bill include:

  • the Motor Vehicle Commission must approve of all forms used by a new motor vehicle dealer to facilitate the delivery of a vehicle pending approval of financing;

  • authorizes the manufacturer or distributor to audit anew motor vehicle dealer to determine the validity of paid claims;

  • limits the audits on warranty work to a two year period following the date of the payment;

  • prohibits a manufacturer or distributor from requiring any extras as a prerequisite to receiving a model or series of vehicles with exception of limited production models or recreational vehicles; and

  • establishes a penalty for operating as a new motor vehicle broker.

HB 3324 (Sullivan, Leonard/Fair): Requires drivers of motor vehicles to stay at least three feet from a person who is wholly or partially deaf and using a signal dog wearing an orange identifying collar or who is physically handicapped and using a service dog. 


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