SB 6(1) (Taylor/Plunk): Authorizes the use of studded tires, having traction-enhancing studs located outside the normal tread area, which operate as conventional tires on dry roads or as studded tires on ice-coated roads by the expedient of reducing or increasing the air pressure within the tires. The use of these tires shall be limited to vehicles with rated capacities up to and including two tons. Studded tires shall not be deflated so that the studs lower and make contact with the road surface earlier than November 1 of each year or later than April 1 of the following year. Effective 11-1-99

SB 383(1) (Herbert/Tyler): Creates the Interstate Midwest Regional Passenger Rail Compact. The purpose of the compact is to facilitate and promote the improvement and development of regional passenger rail service in the Midwest. The Compact is also enacted into law and entered into by this state as a party with any other state or states legally joining in its form. Effective 4-17-99

SB 446(1) (Littlefield/Hutchison): Authorizes municipalities to adopt ordinances to allow all terrain vehicles owned by a city or golf carts to be operated on city streets. The vehicles are prohibited from operating on highways or turnpikes and may be operated on city streets during daylight hours only. Effective 5-27-99

SB 724(1) (Stipe/Tyler): Requires the Transportation Commission to promulgate rules pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act governing the measurement methodology to be utilized by the Department when determining spacing between outdoor advertising signs, displays and devices and public parks, public forests, playgrounds and cemeteries. The bill also provides that the measurement methodology utilized by the Department, including but not limited to the straight-line method, shall be accepted by the Department without prejudice. It further provides that the Department shall be prohibited from altering a permit classification or revoking any outdoor advertising license which was properly obtained at the time of issuance, based upon a change of internal agency policy, agency interpretation of law or promulgation of rules. Effective 4-7-99

HB 1476(1) (Tyler/Stipe): Enacts the "Oklahoma Highway Construction Materials Technician Registration Act". The bill creates the Highway Construction Materials Technician Certification Board and provides for membership, powers and duties, and appointments of the board members. It further authorizes the Board to promulgate rules governing the examination and registration of highway construction materials technicians, definition of categories, limitations on registration, and requirements for the renewal of registration. Effective 7-1-99

HB 1820(1) (Hutchison/Littlefield): Requires the driver of a vehicle on a county road approaching an intersection with a state or federal highway to stop, whether a stop sign is present, visible or not, and yield the right-of-way to a vehicle which has entered the intersection or which is so close thereto as to constitute an immediate hazard. Effective 11-1-99

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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