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SB 600(1) (Douglass/Hastings): Replaces the Oklahoma Professional Boxing Advisory Committee, which has been under the Commissioner of Labor, with an Oklahoma Professional Boxing Commission, which is essentially a free-standing agency attached to the Department of Health for administrative support. The new Commission is created effective May 25, 1999, but the change in responsibilities is effective July 1, 1999.

  • The definition of boxing includes wrestling and kickboxing but not the martial arts. Thus the responsibilities of the Advisory Committee and Commissioner of Labor for regulation of professional wrestling also go to the new Commission in the change.

  • The new Boxing Commission is to consist of seven members appointed to staggered, three-year terms by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Two members must be experienced professional boxers or boxing promoters, one must have experience as a professional wrestler or wrestling promoter, one must have experience in sports medicine, one must have experience in cable television, and two are to represent the public as lay members. Neither the members nor their relatives within the third degree are allowed to "promote, sponsor, or have any financial interest in the promotion or sponsorship of any professional boxing contest or professional exhibition . . .." Although members may receive travel reimbursement, they serve without compensation. They, and the Commission's employees, must be bonded.

  • Boxing rules promulgated under the Commissioner of Labor continue in effect as rules of the Boxing Commission until amended or repealed by the Commission. The Commission is subject to the Open Meeting Act, Open Records Act, and Administrative Procedures Act.

    Effective 7-1-99

HB 1097(1) (Stites/Dickerson): Extends for two more years suspension of a requirement that organization licensees reimburse the Horse Racing Commission for compensating chief stewards and assistant stewards for their work at pari-mutuel race meetings. Effective 7-1-99

HB 1196(1) (Leist/Shurden): Allows Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission to promulgate rules to facilitate and promote uniform, reciprocal occupation licensing with other jurisdictions. Effective 11-1-99

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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