Motor Vehicles


SB 50(1) (Helton/Wells): Requires the Tax Commission to design official license plates for vehicles of the Oklahoma Military Department, and allows tag agents to stock wildlife conservation license plates. Tag agents will retain an additional $3 for each wildlife conservation plate issued. Special plates are discontinued for the Quiet Birdmen, and new plates are allowed for certified public accountants, police chaplains, Four-H Club members and Agricultural Awareness. A revolving fund for a portion of the Agricultural Awareness plates is created, for the benefit of the "Ag in the Classroom" program. Effective 11-1-99

SB 319(1) (Monson/Langmacher): Modifies various provisions relating to the inspection and licensing of motor vehicles, as follows:

  • Requires the Tax Commission and the Department of Public Safety to promulgate rules to provide for inspections of rebuilt vehicles prior to vehicle registration;

  • Provides that fleet vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan under new applications will be registered on a staggered system monthly basis. Registrants with established accounts will have the option of changing their expiration dates or remaining with their existing registration periods;

  • After 12/1/00, allows new applicants and registrants converting an established account to the new system to have a one-time option of registering for 4 to 15 months, with subsequent renewals for 12 months;

  • Changes delinquent registration penalties to eliminate the penalty of 25 cents per day for the first 30 days. If proper applications are not received by the Tax Commission by the last day of the month following the registration expiration date, a penalty of the greater of 30% of the registration fee or $200 (currently the penalty after the 30-day period) is applied. License and registration cards issued by the Tax Commission for fleet vehicles will be valid until 2 months after the registration expiration date;

  • Extends the existing penalty of $50 for operation of a commercial vehicle without identification credentials to vehicles registered under Sections 1120 (IRP vehicles) and 1133 (other commercial trucks), rather than just those registered under subsection K of Section 1120 (out-of-state commercial vehicles);

  • Deletes requirement of owner-operator having current Oklahoma driver license for IRP vehicle to be base-plated in Oklahoma;

  • Provides for current staggered quarterly basis registration system under the IRP until 12/1/00;

  • Requires fleet vehicles operating under the authority of the Corporation Commission, the Federal Highway Administration or IRP vehicles to certify the existence of security by submitting a current owner's security verification system, an OTC permit number, or an OCC-issued or OCC-approved single state registration form; and

  • Provides that fleet vehicles maintaining liability insurance as required by the Corporation Commission or other regulating entity are not required to carry a security verification form.

    Effective 7-1-99

SB 413(1) (Leftwich/Collins): Authorizes a graduated driver licensing (GDL) system which phases in driving privileges for teenagers who have not taken driver education. This law modifies the issuance of the current Class D driver license by:

  • Authorizing 15 year olds to enroll in a driver education course instructed by a certified driver education instructor.

  • Issuing a restricted Class D driver license to students who do not take a driver education course but live in a school district that offers driver education.

  • Restrictions on Class D licenses include:

    1. operation of a Class D motor vehicle only during daylight hours except for driving to and from work, school and school activities, church,

    2. authorization to drive at any time if a parent or guardian is a passenger in the front seat, and

    3. no operation of a vehicle with more than one passenger, unless all passengers live in the same household or unless the parent or guardian is in the front seat of the vehicle.

  • A person who is a least 16 1/2 years of age, holds a restricted Class D license, and who has not been convicted of, pled guilty to, or pled no contest to any moving vehicle violation, may be issued an unrestricted Class D license.

  • The Class D restriction shall have no force or effect upon or after the 17th birthday of the restricted licensee.

    Effective 8-15-00

HB 1064(1) (Adair/Helton): Makes several changes relating to special license plates, as follows:

  • Provides that if fewer than 50 of any type of special plates are sold within the first 5 years of issuance, that type will be discontinued;

  • Allows remarried spouses of deceased POWs, disabled veterans, or persons missing or killed in action, to obtain the special plates they previously qualified for if the remarriage is terminated by death, divorce or annulment;

  • Provides that veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 50% or more qualify for disabled veterans special plates regardless of which agency pays the disability benefits;

  • Deletes Quiet Birdmen license plates; and

  • Allows new special plates for combat infantrymen, Somalia combat veterans, members of Ducks Unlimited, and members of Kiwanis International.

    Effective 11-1-99

HB 1324(1) (Weaver/Littlefield): Provides for application for registration of a vessel or outboard motors and requires certain information to be listed on vessel and motor titles. Dealers selling new or used vessels and motors, as well as other persons selling vessels and motors must verify the hull identification or serial number. Highway Patrol officers, other DPS employees and other authorized law enforcement officers are authorized to perform vessel and motor inspections. Other changes relate to registration decals for vessels and motors, fees for repossession of vessels and motors, and serial numbers for outboard motors. Effective 11-1-99

HB 1397(1) (Lindley/Leftwich): Exempts nonprofit charitable organizations transferring vehicles to TANF recipients from paying current or past due registration fees, excise tax, title or transfer fees, and penalties and interest. Effective 11-1-99

HB 1409(1) (Kouba/Price): Defines the terms "pickup" and "truck" for purposes of farm license plates to refer to vehicles designed primarily for carrying or hauling property, livestock or equipment, rather than people. Effective 11-1-99

HB1474(1) (Tyler/Stipe): Creates the Motorcycle Safety and Education Program within the Department of Public Safety. The Program shall include courses of instruction, which have been established for motorcycle safety for novice and experienced motorcycle operators and passengers, instruction in motorist awareness and alcohol and drug awareness. Effective 11-1-99

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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