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SB 9(1) (Ford/Blackburn): Expands the membership and duties of the Oklahoma Capitol Complex and Centennial Commemoration Commission. It also modifies the sunset date and creates a revolving fund for the Commission. Effective 4-10-99

SB 10(1) (Ford/Adair): Provides an exception to the prohibition against state boards or commissions hiring former members of boards or commissions. It allows a state board or commission to employee a state employee who is an ex officio member of the board or commission required by law. This provision, however, does not apply to statewide elected officials. Effective 4-10-99

SB 38(1) (Morgan/Corn): Includes entities within the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education in the group of authorized recipients of obsolete or surplus equipment of state entities. Effective 11-1-99

SB 176(1) (Haney/Settle): Increases unclassified positions for certain state agencies. Effective 7-1-99

SB 178(1) (Haney/Settle): Authorizes the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System to expend appropriated money for the administration of the Deferred Savings Incentive Plan and the Oklahoma State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan. Effective 9-1-99

SB 259(1) (Fisher/Roach): Extends unemployment compensations rate reduction and modifies the membership of the Enterprise Zone Application Review Committee. Creates the Oklahoma Disaster Relief Act. Authorizes state and local governmental entities to utilize employees for certain disaster relief related work on private property. Extends the effective date for certain provisions of HB 3204 (1998) relating to the Oklahoma Enterprise Zone Act from July 1, 1999 to July 1, 2000. Effective 7-1-99

SB 300(1) (Mickle/Dunegan): Allows members of the Highway Patrol Division to receive credit for time served in the former Lake Patrol Division for purposes of computing salary. Allows for certain back pay related to a loss in salary due to not computing former Lake Patrol Division service in the salary schedule. Effective 4-26-99

SB 349(1) (Dickerson/Leist): Adds the State Department of Agriculture to entities authorized to enter into contracts and agreements for the payment of food, lodging, meeting facility and beverage expenses as may be necessary for sponsoring seminars and receptions relating to economic development and science and technology issues. Effective 11-1-99

SB 352(1) (Dickerson/Eddins): Creates the Task Force on Public Construction and Renovation Laws, consisting of six legislators, seven construction industry people, a representative of a state employee organization, and an employee of the state Department of Central Services.

The Task Force will look at the Public Competitive Bidding Act of 1974, the Public Building Construction and Planning Act, the Oklahoma Lighting Energy Conservation Act, and a number of other issues and sections of law relating to energy conservation, renovation requirements, consultant contracts, purchasing preferences, bonds required for public works contracts, and other matters.

Also, the Task Force will explore and consider various project delivery systems, including "design/build" and "construction management".

The Task Force is to make its recommendations by November 30, 1999, and continue in existence for consultation purposes throughout the 2000 legislative session. Effective 11-1-99

SB 376(1) (Leftwich/Paulk): Enacts the Oklahoma Privatization of State Functions Act. Allows state employees of an agency to submit alternative proposals to the agency prior to an agency privatizing a function, program, service, unit or division. Effective 7-1-99

SB 404(3) (Stipe/Mass): Vetoed 5-26-99. This bill would have required the Office of Personnel Management to approve state agency promotional plans. The Governor's Veto Message stated that this legislation would create added bureaucracy, which would interfere with the efficient management of state agencies. (See Veto Section)

SB 419(1) (Leftwich/Ostrander): Expands the types of investigations that can be made by the State Fire Marshal and his or her deputies. This bill also grants authority to enforce, issue citations, and make arrests for felony offenses relevant to the duties of the State Fire Marshal. Effective 7-1-99

SB 430(1) (Fisher/Ervin): Allows the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to enter into contracts at fair market value for the rental of office space in any facility under its control to entities engaged in activities related to the export of goods produced in Oklahoma. Effective 4-7-99

SB 432(1) (Dickerson/Corn): Modifies the name of the Ouachita Correctional Center to the Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center. Effective 4-7-99

SB 442(1) (Stipe/Tyler): Allows the Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Water Resources Board, Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to enter into contracts for professional services with a person who has retired from state service. Effective 6-10-99

SB 480(1) (Hobson/Toure): Provides that certain information relating to state owned or controlled technology is confidential pursuant to the Open Records Act. Effective 11-1-99

SB 505(1) (Williams/Braddock): Allows state officers and employees to receive any travel reimbursements through direct deposit. Effective 7-1-99

SB 508 (Dickerson/Askins): Continues the effort begun in 1998 to reform and rewrite the state Central Purchasing Act. Many of this year's changes were prompted by difficulties discovered in the process of writing and revising rules and conducting training of state agency personnel following passage of the major reform bill, HB 1822 of 1998. SB 508 also:

  • Distinguishes between sole source acquisitions (which are not competitive) and sole brand acquisitions (which are competitive although they narrow the field of suppliers).

  • Increases from $2,500 to $10,000 the threshold at which state agencies must report acquisitions to the State Purchasing Director.

  • Authorizes the State Purchasing Director to review all acquisitions, not just those under $25,000.

  • Increases the fee which suppliers pay to receive invitations to bid and requests for proposal from $10 per commodity classification to $25 (thought to be a close approximation of the actual cost of providing the documents).

  • Consolidates in a new section the exemptions for Higher Education, OneNet, and other entities that are exempt from all provisions of the Central Purchasing Act.

  • Moves out of the Central Purchasing Act some sections of law that relate to surplus property disposal and to public construction.

  • Repeals "buy Oklahoma" language that has been a cause of retaliation by other states against Oklahoma suppliers and that is in conflict with provisions of the NAFTA agreement. Effective 7-1-99

SCR 38(6) (Leftwich/Paulk): Requests the Governor to adopt an Executive Order allowing certain paid administrative leave for certain state employees who were victims of the May 3, 1999 tornadoes.

HB 1169(1) (Erwin/Shurden): Provides that state employees who are volunteer firefighters and who are called to fight a fire shall not have to use any accrued leave nor make up any time due to the performance of their volunteer firefighter duties. Effective 7-1-99

HB 1579(1) (Settle/Haney): Increases certain chief executive officer salary maximums. Makes available up to 15 days of leave with pay for certain state, municipal, county, and school district employees who are affected by presidentially declared natural disasters. Provides that municipalities, counties, and school districts may amend their leave policies to allow shared leave for such affected employees. For state employees the leave sharing policy was amended to allow donated leave for affected employees of presidentially declared natural disasters. Provides that appointing authorities may reinstate or compensate employees affected by the May 3, 1999 tornadoes for any leave affected employees took related to the disaster or for leave without pay that was taken. Effective 7-1-99

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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