SB 260 (Stipe/Tyler): Authorizes the Department of Transportation to expend funds from the Railroad Maintenance Revolving Fund for the purpose of installing signal lights, gate arms, or other warning devices at locations approved by the Oklahoma Corporation.

SB 854 (Leftwich/Kirby): Designates the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, the World War I Veterans Memorial Highway and the World War II Veterans Memorial Highway.

SB 1066 (Weedn/Plunk): Increases the reimbursement for reported vehicle revenue miles for public transportation from twenty-four cents ($0.24) per mile to seventy-five cents ($0.75) per mile to eligible entities.

SB 1277 (Stipe/Adair): Creates the Oklahoma Beautification Through Outdoor Advertising Rehabilitation and Diminishment Act. It authorizes the Department of Transportation to promulgate rules relating to legal nonconforming outdoor advertising structures for the purpose of highway beautification.

SB 1365 (Kerr/Beutler): Creates the "County Road Improvement Enhancement Revolving Fund". Under the bill the Department of Public Safety is required to promulgate rules to issue a permit and design an application to allow tolerance of 10% on axle weight in certain counties. The bill prohibits such tolerance on the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. The bill also establishes a fee for the purchase of the permit and specifies that any revenue generated from such purchase shall be deposited into the County Road Improvement Enhancement Revolving Fund.

HB 2659 (Ostrander/Radon): Authorizes the use of red or blue flashing lights on wreckers and tow vehicles while at the scene of an emergency.

HB 2928 (Davis/Wilkerson): Requires the Transportation Commission to include the principle access roads to every city and town not served by the State Highway System, which has a United States Post Office or a population in access of one hundred (100) persons, on the map that shows all of the highways on the State Highway System.


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