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SB 1042 (Milacek/Reese): Prohibits members and employees of the Horse Racing Commission and their immediate families from receiving: purse supplements, stakes, rewards, stallion awards, broodmare awards, or breeders awards; or receiving marketing, promotion, or advertising monies of any kind from the Breeding Development Fund. "Immediate family" is as defined by rule of the Ethics Commission. Also, SB 1042(1) makes it unnecessary for stewards to comply with the Open Meeting Act when officiating at races or otherwise enforcing the rules of the Commission.

HB 3165 (Bryant/Douglass): Amends Oklahoma Professional Boxing Licensing Act to assess fees on vendors, require licensing of booking agents, clarify several terms used in the act, and make other minor changes. Fees previously assessed on promoters will also be assessed on gross receipts of vendors, for receipts not paid to promoters, for sale of food, beverages, wearing apparel, souvenirs, and programs. "Booking agent" is defined, licensing is required, and "manager" is modified to include booking agent. The bill also redefines "cable system operator" to include direct broadcast satellite providers, and it shortens the time operators are given following events to remit assessments to the Department of Labor. 


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