Public Finance


SB 1082 (Fisher/Langmacher): Allows the Executive and Legislative Bond Oversight Commissions to establish maximum compensation levels to be paid to individuals and firms acting in a fiduciary capacity in connection with financing through the Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund Program. The bill also provides for extensions of the period within which state bonds may be issued after approval of the Commissions.

SB 1083 (Fisher/Langmacher): Requires the first $30 million of any portion of the state ceiling in excess of $170 million to be reserved and placed in the Economic Development Pool and provides procedures for allocations from the pool.

SB 1113 (Snyder/Davis): Allows creation of multiple-beneficiary express trusts upon approval of 2/3 of the membership of the governing body of each beneficiary. The bill also allows trusts to exercise eminent domain powers for rail transportation projects and imposes certain requirements for financing of such projects.

SB 1133 (Littlefield/Hutchison): Allows claims in excess of $500,000 arising from tag agent errors and omissions to be paid from monies in the Motor License Agent Indemnity Fund. The bill requires fees received for motor license agent participation in the Risk Management Program to be deposited to the Motor License Agent Indemnity Fund.

HB 2449 (Braddock/Capps): Allows, rather than requires, motor license agents to use a check verification system provided by the Tax Commission. 


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