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Legislation enacted this session to amend laws governing horse racing, charity games, and boxing includes:

SB 24 (Long/Stites): Suspends for a two-year period reimbursement that a track is required to make to the Horse Racing Commission for compensating stewards and other race track personnel. The bill also requires the Commission to contract with the State Auditor and Inspector to conduct an annual audit and inspection of live race meets and to reimburse the State Auditor for these services.

HB 1355 (Bryant/Douglass): Re-creates the Oklahoma Professional Boxing Advisory Committee until July 1, 2003, and requires the Commissioner of Labor to reappoint members to the Committee. Members will serve three-year terms of office, except for the member who serves as the administrator of professional boxing licensing for the Department of Labor. This member will serve at the pleasure of the Commissioner of Labor and as chair of the Committee.


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