Public Finance


HB 1817 (Askins/Hobson): Makes various changes to the public finance statutes, including: (1) deletes the provision that surety company bonds may not be used in lieu of securities pledged as collateral for county treasurers to make deposits in county depositories; (2) allows persons other than principal fiscal officers of state agencies to countersign vouchers with the agency administrative authority; (3) allows the State Treasurer to establish procedures, rather than promulgate rules, for the state in accordance with Federal Banking and National Automated Clearing House Association standards; (4) allows the State Treasurer to establish standards which are more restrictive or limiting than the statutory standards for securing public deposits, including letters of credit of the federal government as well as other federal obligations and surety bonds subject to certain conditions; (5) allows public assistance warrants, warrant registers, state bonds, bond interest coupons and receipt duplicates and specified local documents to be duplicated in a manner acceptable to the Archives and Records Commission; (6) modifies instruments which may be accepted by the State Treasurer for security of public deposits; and (7) repeals Section 88.1A of Title 62, which prohibited the State Treasurer from making or renewing linked deposits in FY 95.


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