SB 231 (Helton/Glover): Extends temporary disability for any member of a municipal fire department who has sustained a burn injury in the line of duty. Disability may be paid for a period of twelve months and provides the municipality the option to extend the period for an additional six months, but not to exceed a total of eighteen months after which the provisions for disability benefits under the Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System shall apply.

SB 290 (Leftwich/Lindley): Gives municipalities new ways to remove graffiti. Allows the property owner to give the municipality written consent to remove graffiti from the property or the municipality may remove graffiti without an owner's consent authorizing the municipality to give notice and then remove the graffiti. The municipality will bear the costs of removing graffiti and must restore the property as nearly as possible to the condition as it existed immediately prior to the graffiti being placed on the property.

HB 2028 (Graves/Hendrick): Authorizes municipalities to create zoning ordinances relating to location of an adult novelty shop, defined as a commercial establishment that displays, sells or offers for sale instruments, devices or paraphernalia designed or marketed primarily for sexual stimulation or used for sadomasochistic practices. Prohibits the development of an adult novelty shop within 1000 feet of any building used for religious purpose, public or private school, public park or playground or public library or within 1,000 feet of any land zoned or used for residential purposes. The bill contains a "grandfather clause" which exempts existing novelty shops.


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