Manufactured Homes


SB 41 (Robinson/Staggs): Broadens the definition of "manufactured home dealer" to require persons to be licensed as dealers who, for commission, profit, or gain of money, broker the sale of, exchange interest in, or rent with the option of purchasing a new or used manufactured home. (These provisions do not apply to persons selling their own manufactured home or an auctioneer engaged by a seller.)

SB 470 (Herbert/Bastin): Requires the Department of Public Safety to immediately issue a permit to the holder of a perfected security interest in a manufactured home, who is bonded by the state, to move the home to a secure location with a repossession affidavit. A certificate of title may not be issued prior to furnishing of proof that all ad valorem taxes have been paid. If the home is subject to vehicle registration, a repossession may occur after the home is registered. (NOTE: See SB 564.)

SB 564 (Herbert/Bastin): Modifies provisions relating to taxation and registration of manufactured homes. As under current law, for the first year, a manufactured home must be registered under the Oklahoma Vehicle License and Registration Act. After the first year, manufactured homes are subject to ad valorem taxes (as real property if located on land owned by the owner of the manufactured home; as personal property if located on land owned by another person). Manufactured homes must be registered, rather than subject to ad valorem tax, in any year in which they are to be moved. Homes may be registered unless a lien has been filed for delinquent taxes on the home. Registration fees are apportioned in the same manner as ad valorem taxes. Notification must be made to the Tax Commission, the Department of Public Safety, motor license agents and county assessors when homes are moved, when liens are filed and released, and when titles are transferred. (NOTE: See SB 470.) Effective 1/1/98.


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