License Plates

HB 1217 (Steidley/Weedn): Changes the amounts apportioned to motor license agents for registering motor vehicles, boats and motors and issuing special license plates. Under current law, agents retain $2.25 for each vehicle registered and each special license plate issued and $1.25 for each boat and motor registered. These provisions will remain in effect until January 1, 1998, at which time the amounts retained change to the greater of $2.25 or 2.39% of the average registration fee for vehicles and special license plates and the greater of $1.25 or 6.22% of the average registration fee for boats and motors.

HB 1314 (Lindley/Monson): Allows registration of vehicles with Physically Disabled License Plates for a flat fee of $25 for vehicles modified due to physical disabilities of a family member of the vehicle owner within the second degree of consanguinity. Under current law, only a vehicle modified due to the physical disability of the owner is eligible for the $25 registration fee.

HB 1687 (Hefner/Helton): Adds the following special license plates:

  • Desert Storm;

  • Military Reserve Unit;

  • Knights of Columbus;

  • Oklahoma Safe Kids Association;

  • Oklahoma City Bombing Victims and Survivors;

  • Civil Air Patrol;

  • Quiet Birdmen;

  • Ninety-Nines; and

  • Jaycees.

In addition to these provisions, the bill also raises the fee for United States Olympic Committee Supporter license plates from $25 to $28, with the additional $3 to be retained by the motor license agent. Motor license agents will have the option of stocking inventory of such plates and applications for such plates to be personalized. Former military vehicles are exempt from the Vehicle License and Registration Act and may be registered for a flat fee of $20 if used only for public functions. Registration marks, rather than license plates, may be used to identify such vehicles.


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