Election Laws

SB 89 (Dickerson/Steidley): Would have changed the date of primary elections from the 4th Tuesday in August to the 2nd Tuesday and the date of the runoff primary to 28 days after the primary. (Pending in the Legislature)

SB 727 (Williams/Turner): Returns to the election boards the responsibility for dealing with contested school elections. That responsibility had been lodged for a time with the State Board of Education.

HB 1725 (Paulk/Dickerson): Modifies a number of election procedures and requirements. The time for a candidate to withdraw from a runoff primary or general election is shortened by a weekend, ballot titles on state questions are revised to clarify what "yes" or "no" refers to, vote margins and numbers of signatures on petitions necessary to require a recount on a state question are established, and provision is made for military personnel on leave to be able to vote.

HB 1734 Paulk/Dickerson): Requires the Secretary of the State Election Board to check every two years for duplicate voter registrations and direct the county election board secretaries to cancel all but the latest registration. The bill also provides that candidates shall have their names printed on ballots in order determined by lot. A new section of law in the bill requires that those officials who have documentary indication of voter registration or voting crimes must notify the DA, who must investigate and make monthly reports until filing charges or declining to file charges.

HB 1895 (Hamilton/Haney): An omnibus salary and benefits bill, includes a section granting pay increases to secretaries of county election boards -- $37.50 more per month starting July 1, 1997, and another $37.50 more per month starting July 1, 1998.



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