Agriculture & Rural Development

SB 45 (Price/Covey): Creates the Oklahoma Sorghum Resources Act which develops programs that will enhance sorghum production, sorghum research, promote market development and education and improve the profitability of the Oklahoma sorghum producers.

HB 1522 (Begley/ Price): Changes the name of the Oklahoma Feed Yards Act to the Oklahoma Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Act and provides for environmentally responsible construction and expansion of animal feeding operations to protect the safety, welfare and quality of life of persons who live in the vicinity of an animal feeding operation.

The provisions of the bill are as follows:

  • Sets up licensing, application and hearing processes for concentrated animal feeding operations, requiring operators to notify all surrounding landowners of the proposed facility and give opportunity for public comment;

  • Stipulates a minimum distance between the concentrated animal feeding operation and occupied residences with the requirements being different in eastern and western Oklahoma. Eastern Oklahoma shall have one-half and one-fourth mile setbacks and western Oklahoma would have three-fourths and one-half mile setbacks and for smaller operations the whole state shall have one-fourth mile setbacks from occupied residences. Other setbacks mandated are four foot separations between the bottom of a retention lagoon and the highest point of the seasonal water table, application of liquid waste, distances from state parks, municipal limits, and water impoundments;

  • Requires irrigation system safety in the form of check valves or complete and total disconnection;

  • Prohibits licenses for "bad actors";

  • Requires a "pollution prevention plan" for each operation; and

  • Increases penalties and fines.

 Also, the bill will "grandfather" in all existing operations.



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