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SB 513(1) (Shurden/Gray): Updates terminology and statutory sections and entitles provisions regulating cosmetologists as the Oklahoma Cosmetology Act. Significant new provisions include specific authorization for the State Board of Cosmetology to establish specialty licenses for cosmetician, facial esthetics instructor, hair braiding technician, and manicurist/nail technician instructor; and authorization for the Board to set, by rule, the qualifications for its executive director. Effective 7-7-00.

SB 838(1) (Crutchfield/Pope, Clay): Sorts out respective responsibilities of chiropractors and veterinarians in situations where chiropractic treatment is proposed for horses or other non-human animals. Effective 11-01-00.

SB 1589(1) (Monson/Seikel): Allows Oklahoma Board of Nursing to assess administrative penalties for violations of the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act or rules or orders issued pursuant thereto. Administrative Procedures Act applies; limit is $100 per day, $500 per count. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 1351(1) (Stanley/Morgan): Gives additional specificity to a process whereby dentists and dental hygienists nominate, by petition, and then elect, members of the Board of Dentistry (eight dentists and one hygienist on an eleven-member board that also has two lay members appointed by the Governor). The measure also sets forth a process for recalling board members, and it somewhat stiffens qualifications for an out-of-state hygienist to receive an Oklahoma license. Additionally, the measure has non-interference language as to the exercise of clinical judgment by a dentist; repeals a section of law on board election and recall processes; and repeals a section prohibiting advertising. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 1872(1) (Lindley/Weedn), as amended by SB 1537 (Weedn/Lindley), states that the practice of medical micropigmentation (sometimes known as intradermal pigmentation or as including "permanent cosmetics") is permitted notwithstanding the criminal-code prohibition on tattooing if the micropigmentation is done by a registered nurse under the supervision of a licensed MD, DO, or DDS, or done by a technician under direct supervision of an MD, DO, or DDS. The nurse or technician must also have a certificate in medical micropigmentation or receive a certificate within 12 months of the time the State Board of Career and Technology Education (formerly State Vo Tech) puts a medical micropigmentation program into operation. Effective 4-28-00 and 6-5-00.

HB 1890(1) (Vaughn/Smith): Amends Oklahoma Licensed Perfusionists Act to assert that no person shall be licensed to practice perfusion who has not fully complied with all applicable requirements of the act, who is not of good moral character, and has not produced satisfactory evidence of ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety. Effective 4-6-00.

HB 1995(1) (Erwin/Smith): Allows a professional bail bondsman to cover deposit requirements by purchasing an annuity through a domestic insurance company licensed in this state. The annuity is written jointly in the name of the bail bondsman and the State Insurance Commissioner. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2090(1) (Hilliard/Weedn): Adds persons licensed as speech and language pathologists and persons licensed as audiologists to the list of those allowed to use the word "Doctor" or an appropriate abbreviation thereof to indicate they are holding themselves out to be qualified to engage in diagnosis or treatment. Effective 4-14-00.

HB 2135(1) (McCarter/Helton): Makes a number of minor changes to the Licensed Behavioral Practitioner Act that was enacted in 1999. Several waiting periods previously required of those who failed examinations are eliminated. Some fees are changed from fixed maximum amounts to the amount of costs actually incurred by the Department of Health. Effective 4-14-00.

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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