Motor Vehicles


SB 831(1) (Ford/Newport): Creates Oklahoma Statehood Centennial License Plates, Support Education License Plates and Retired Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officers License Plates. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 859(1) (Weedn/Hilliard): Modifies fees for 4-H Club License Plates (from $5 to $25), and apportions a portion of such fees to the OSU Extension Service License Plate Revolving Fund. Tag agents may stock 4-H Club License Plates, and retain an additional $3 for each such plate issued. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1233(1) (Fisher/Tyler): States that used motor vehicle dealers conducting auctions or what are primarily non-auction consignment sales must have sureties of $25,000 and $50,000 respectively (previously $10,000). The Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission is to promulgate rules for sanctions against dealers who fail to comply. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1557(1) (Capps/Bonny): Provides for titling of remanufactured vehicles. A "remanufactured vehicle" is defined as one which has been assembled using a new body and including original, reconditioned or remanufactured parts, but is not a salvage, junked or rebuilt vehicle. Upon initial titling, the applicant is required to deliver a statement of origin from the remanufacturer to the Tax Commission. Effective 4-14-00.

HB 1960(1) (Dunegan/Helton): Authorizes the use of social security numbers as an applicant's driver license number only when requested by the applicant. Deletes obsolete procedures for court review. Requires permits to move machinery or loads which exceed the size or weight limitations specified by statute and states possession of a permit shall not be construed as an exemption from the Department of Transportation from the use of restricted highways. Authorizes the Department of Public Safety to set restrictions on moving such machinery or loads. Sets $1.00 fee for each disability placard issued. Deletes license plates for vehicles of the Oklahoma Lake Patrol. Effective 7-1-00.

HB 1997(1) (Lindley/Leftwich): Provides that when a vehicle is donated to a nonprofit charitable organization, the donor and the recipient will be exempt from paying registration fees, excise tax, or title or transfer fees due from previous years if such fees and taxes are more than one year past due and the vehicle is not currently registered. If the vehicle is bought back by the donor, the donor is liable for such fees and taxes. Effective 7-1-00.

HB 2051(1) (Glover/Morgan): Substantially rewrites statutes governing relationships between motor vehicle manufacturers and new motor vehicle dealerships, giving considerable attention to what a "factory" (manufacturer, distributor, etc.) must, need not, can, or cannot do with respect to a franchised new motor vehicle dealer. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2136(1) (McCarter/Wilkerson): Creates Hearing Impaired License Plates, Civil Emergency Management License Plates and Joint Service Commendation Medal License Plates and allows motorcycles to carry Firefighter License Plates. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2177(1) (Matlock/Leftwich): Increases the number of members of the Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission from nine to ten. Restates membership residence requirements in anticipation of possible loss of a congressional district. In that event there would be, in addition to the chair, four members selected from the state at large. One of the at-large members is to be an actively engaged manufactured home dealer. Creates a Manufactured Home Advisory Committee. Specifies several license requirements for manufactured home installers and manufactured home manufacturers. Updates definitions and clarifies use of terms. Effective 7-1-00.

HB 2324(1) (Tyler/Easley): Modifies the engine size of a motorcycle that a person 14 years of age or older may operate from 125 to 250 cubic centimeters. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2404(1) (Miller/Martin): Authorizes any person whose Class A,B or C driver license or driving privilege is disqualified to replace the driver license with a Class D driver license, if the person is qualified for a Class D license. Prohibits the Department of Public Safety from recording or assessing points for a conviction of exceeding the speed limit by at least one mile per hour but not more than ten miles per hour. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2460(1) (Ostrander/Herbert): Modifies the equipment required to be on motorcycles and specifies the type of helmet and eye protection to be worn by any person under 18 years of age who operates or rides upon any motorcycle, motor-driven cycle or motor scooter. Effective 5-24-00

HB 2543(1) (Glover/Long): Clarifies that insurer of a total-loss vehicle may regain possession of the vehicle for movement to an insurance pool yard for sale. HB 2543 also raises maximum wrecker hookup rates and requires that an operator document fees charged. Effective 7-1-00.

HB 2553(1) (Nations/Littlefield): Raises bond required of used motor vehicle dealer's license applicants from $10,000 to $15,000. The bill also replaces an existing appeals process with the procedures afforded under the Administrative Procedures Act. Effective 7-1-00.

HB 2663(3) (Kirby/Maddox): Changes the system of taxation of motor vehicles (see vetoed bills).

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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