SB 884(1) (Smith/Askins): Prescribes a time period of 120 days in which a court may send notice of nonpayment of court-ordered fines and costs to the Department of Public Safety for a moving traffic violation. Adds a notice requirement by the court before issuing a bench warrant for nonpayment of court-ordered fines and costs. Modifies the information required to be on an "Abstract of Court Record". Makes procedural changes for the delivery, filing, maintenance and submission of information and records relating to traffic citations. Effective 4-28-00.

SB 1121(1) (Stipe/Mass): Increases court-ordered penalty assessed against persons convicted of certain offenses or persons who have forfeited bond when charged with the offense. Modifies portion of penalty assessment that court is authorized to retain. Modifies apportionment of penalty assessment and adds the C.L.E.E.T. Training Center Revolving Fund as a depository. Clarifies status of the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training as a governmental agency. Authorizes Council to enter into certain agreements for the purpose of facilitating the financing for a new facility. States Legislative intent. Allows the Council to accept gifts. Creates the "C.L.E.E.T. Training Center Revolving Fund". Authorizes expenditures of monies in fund, lease-purchase agreements, and pledge of certain revenues for the purposes of acquiring the training facility. Effective 11-1-2000.

SB 1329(1) (Smith/Braddock): Provides for judicial review for persons aggrieved by the issuance or enforcement of a subpoena to take a deposition. Modifies the procedure for protest of issuance of a license to maintain or operate a public pool or billiard hall. Requires written statement of ownership for monies accepted by the clerk of the district court. Authorizes ownership information to be used for case-related mailings. Requires compliance with specific enumerated statutes for the removal of materials from public record. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1331(1) (Smith/Braddock): Prohibits construing certain provisions to mean that a financing statement or other filing made under the provisions of Title 12A of the Oklahoma Statutes be created or transmitted to the filing office on paper. States that a financing statement or other filing is not ineffective or insufficient because it is generated or transmitted electronically. Clarifies existing law and states application of act. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1332(1) (Smith/Braddock): Deletes language that relates to the life of a judgment lien on realty. Modifies form of small claims affidavit by updating language and deleting language that relates to an alternative date for a hearing. Increases time for appearance by defendant in small claims action and time for service of certain answer. Provides for legislative continuances of arbitration hearings. Modifies liability for debts of spouse. Provides for joint liability of spouses for necessaries. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1421(1) (Smith/Askins): Includes any person certified pursuant to the District Court Mediation Act within the definition of "mediator". Amends SB 884 enacted earlier in the session by deleting language requiring a court to notify a defendant for nonpayment of court-ordered fines and costs before issuing a bench warrant. Section 1 of act effective 11-1-00.

HB 1891(1) (Vaughn/Coffee): Authorizes payment from the estate of the ward for reasonable attorney fees and expenses incurred on behalf of the guardian of the ward prior to the appointment of the guardian. Requires court approval prior to payment. Effective 4-28-00.

HB 1983(1) (Worthen/Snyder): Modifies the circumstances in which a court "may" grant grandparental visitation rights. Authorizes grandparental visitation rights independent of either parent. Provides for process for cases of denial or interference of grandparental visitation rights. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2024(1) (Wells/Henry): Creates the Nonjudicial Marketable Title Procedures Act which authorizes permissive use of the procedural provisions of the Act to attempt to remove a cloud or apparent cloud on the title to real property in lieu of a quiet title action. Prescribes procedures for making a request to a respondent to cure title defects. Prescribes procedures for a response by the respondent. States remedies upon refusal by respondent to comply with request to cure title defects. Excepts respondent from liability for damages when complying with request to cure defects. Authorizes certain damages in quiet title action. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2169(1) (Benson/Fisher): Requires the Board of Juvenile Justice to prescribe rules to ensure that certain juvenile facilities may inspect mail for materials harmful to minors. Requires a child to be present at a detention hearing or the child's image broadcast to the judge by video transmission. Includes reasonable monthly expenses in care and maintenance payments the court may adjudge a parent to pay. Authorizes a court to order support payments be made to the Centralized Support Registry. Creates a presumption that the entity or person with whom a child is placed by the Department of Juvenile Justice has legal physical custody of the child for purposes of child support payments without obtaining modification of an existing support order. Authorizes persons or entities receiving custody of a child to consent to medical care for the child. Requires person sentenced as a youthful offender and placed in the custody or under the supervision of the Department of Juvenile Justice of the Office of Juvenile Affairs be discharged or transferred to the custody of the Department of Corrections at the age of eighteen, unless the Office is authorized by the court to retain custody or supervision of the offender until the age of nineteen. Adds employees of the United States Probation Office to those persons who may inspect confidential juvenile court records without a court order. Adds any federal official of the United States Social Security Administration to those persons who may inspect confidential Department of Juvenile Justice agency records without a court order. Effective 7-1-00.

HB 2535(1) (Davis/Smith): Clarifies methods for computation of time prescribed by title by deleting Saturday and Sunday from the computation under certain circumstances and modifying reference to close of business day. Requires certain actions be computed pursuant to shortest time prescribed by law. Increases time to answer under certain circumstances. Provides for computation of time for acts governed by certain titles of law. Effective 6-1-00.

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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