Intoxicationg Liquor & Tobacco Laws


SB 456(6) (Milacek/Roggow): Legislative referendum for the general election ballot asking the people whether the Constitution should be amended to allow wineries to sell and ship wine they produce in this state direct to retail package stores and restaurants in this state. Presently the Constitution only permits sales to licensed wholesale distributors. State Question No. 688; Legislative Referendum No. 317.

SB 808(1) (Ford/Bryant): Establishes annual and quarterly special-event mixed-beverage licenses. The annual license ($55.00 fee) covers up to four events, not exceeding ten days each, no more than two of which are in any one three-month period. The quarterly license ($55.00 fee) covers up to three events, not exceeding ten days each, within a three-month period. A holder of a special event license is not required to have a storage license for holding alcoholic beverages for use at a subsequent event. Effective 7-1-00.

SB 1037(1) (Littlefield/Fields): Provides for the ABLE Commission to issue a mixed beverage/caterer combination license, for an annual fee of $1,250. Provisions applicable to mixed beverage and caterer licenses are applicable, and a combination license may only be issued in counties where liquor-by-the-drink has been approved. The bill also provides that delivery of alcoholic beverages which were not ordered is not considered a violation of provisions prohibiting return of alcoholic beverages, and that the Tax Commission may not deny the purchaser of a business a mixed beverage or sales tax permit because of outstanding tax liabilities of the seller. Effective 7-1-00.

SB 1038(1) (Fisher/Adair): Gives the ABLE Commission the duty to educate alcoholic beverage servers as to the provisions of Oklahoma law, with emphasis on recognizing and preventing intoxication and service to minors. The ABLE Commission may contract with a third party to perform this duty. Effective 7-1-00.

SB 1218(1) (Stipe/Fields): Clarifies that license for retail dealer who manufactures low-point beer (brew pub) covers off-premises sales. Effective 7-1-00

SB 1535(1) (Easley/Easley): Amends HB 2188, enacted earlier in the Session. Adds beer and wine establishments to those prohibited from locating within 300 feet of a church or school. Also requires that an existing establishment up for license renewal must have been in continuous operation for at least 60 days. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 1961(1) (Dunegan/Mickle): Makes it unlawful, between 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., to consume "3.2" beer on "commercial premises" - defined as a place where such activity is carried on for profit. Effective 4-14-00.

HB 1970(1) (Ingmire and Douglass): Provides for a Charitable Auction License to allow live or silent auctioning for fund-raising purposes of wine that a charitable organization obtains as a gift or purchases from a package store. The license costs $1, is good for two days, and allows auctioning of not more than 50 gallons of wine. The organization can only have one license per twelve months. Effective 4-14-00.

HB 2188(1) (Paulk/Brown): Extends prohibition on persons under 21 years of age consuming low-point beer to areas, such as yards, that are not public places. The measure also adds retail package stores to establishments prohibited within 300 feet of a church or school. Further, it provides a process whereby any interested party may protest to the ABLE Commission the application for or granting of a license for a mixed beverage establishment or bottle club within 300 feet. "Interested party" is given a specific definition. [See also SB 1535.] Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2317(1) (Phillips/Coffee): Authorizes issuance of mixed beverage licenses to persons or corporations having limited interest in interactive entertainment facilities. An interactive entertainment facility features interactive computer and video entertainment attractions, themed merchandise, food, alcoholic beverages, and low-point beer. The bill also makes a number of minor changes to low-point beer permit laws and prohibits the sale of low-point beer except in original packaging. Effective 11-1-00.

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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