Government (State)


SB 1003(1) (Smith/Covey): Allows reimbursement of necessary travel expenses incurred by staff of the Public Utility Division of the Corporation Commission. Effective 7-1-00.

SB 1162(1) (Pruitt/Vaughn): Creates the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act. Defines terms. Prohibits a governmental entity from substantially burdening a person's free exercise of religion unless it demonstrates that the imposition of the burden is essential to a compelling governmental interest and the burden is the least restrictive means of furthering the governmental interest. Applies the compelling governmental interest test to correctional facility regulations when the health or safety of the prisoner, staff or public is threatened. Prohibits certain construction of the act. Provides remedies for affected persons, including declaratory relief, monetary damages, attorney fees and costs. Authorizes cost assessment and injunction against person filing frivolous claim. States scope of authority of a governmental entity. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1164(1) (Henry/Braddock): Clarifies that the confidentiality requirements and exceptions for records relating to any investigation being conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation apply to any records of laboratory services provided to law enforcement agencies pursuant to the Bureau's powers and duties to maintain scientific laboratories to assist all law enforcement agencies in the discovery and detection of criminal activity. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1172(1) (Robinson/Paulk): Mainly brings up to date some long-neglected provisions of Title 61 (Public Buildings and Public Works). One of four bills on issues discussed by the Advisory Task Force on Public Construction and Renovation Laws, SB 1172 raises the threshold for bids that require bonding from $12,500 to $25,000. It also authorizes the Department of Central Services (DCS) to obtain the services, by a competitive process, of construction managers to represent the interests of the state during the construction phase of projects. Another provision requires that DCS not solicit bids or make contracts with contractors [e.g., electrical, plumbing, and air-conditioning/heating] who are required to be licensed in this state but are not. Also, the bill authorizes the Director of DCS to audit state agency records for construction contracting. Effective 6-6-00.

SB 1180(1) (Taylor/Jones): Modifies the time period for filling vacancies on the board of directors of a fire protection district. Requires the board of directors to adopt alternative procedures for the election of the directors, adds requirements for membership on the board and sets procedures for filling vacancies. Effective 4-19-00.

SB 1250(1) (Robinson/Paulk): Addresses some design-build and construction management project delivery issues. Definitions of construction administration, construction management (both agency construction management and at-risk construction management), and design-build are added to the Public Building Construction and Planning Act. Agencies cannot use design-build or at-risk construction management project delivery methods without written approval of the Director of the Department of Central Services or legislative directive. When either method is authorized, construction administration is the responsibility of, and will sometimes be performed by, the State Construction Administrator. However, the Administrator can utilize one or more designees or the Department can obtain contract administration services by contracting with another party. The bill also extends the life of the Advisory Task Force on Public Construction and Renovation Laws through June 30, 2002, directs the Department to promulgate rules relating to the aforementioned matters, and makes it a duty of the Task Force to assist the Department as it develops the rules, which it is to do under the Administrative Procedures Act. Effective 6-6-00.

SB 1256(1) (Robinson/Settle): Amends membership of the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority. Effective 7-1-00.

SB 1592(1) (Herbert/Askins): Amends a section of the Central Purchasing Act on acquisition of computer software maintenance and hardware maintenance contracts to permit the State Purchasing Director to negotiate high technology system contracts. Additionally, the bill amends a record-keeping requirement of the Central Purchasing Act to allow the State Purchasing Director to keep confidential bidders' financial or proprietary information that the Director has required is submitted with a bid, proposal, or quotation. Effective 6-5-00.

HB 1905(1) (Covey/Fisher): Modifies the Oklahoma Surplus Property Act. Allows surplus property to be available to political subdivisions, school districts, and nonprofit entities of this state. Effective 11-1-00.

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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