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SB 812(1) (Shurden/Leist): Excepts from the definition of a "bet" offers of purses, prizes or premiums to the actual participants in public or semipublic hunting, fishing or shooting competitions. Effective 5-3-00.

SB 845(1) (Helton/Dunegan): Adds a member selected by the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association to the Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 878(1) (Helton/Pope(Clay): Prohibits tampering, removal, or theft of anhydrous ammonia. Makes the offense a felony. Effective 6-1-00.

SB 891(1) (Brown/Seikel): Modifies the age limit for children to be protected by a passenger restraining system to at least four years of age but younger than thirteen years of age. Modifies the definition of passenger car to include the passenger compartment of pickups, vans, minivans, and sports utility vehicles but not to include a vehicle registered and licensed for farm use. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1046(1) (Rozell/Settle): Allows the same immunity and rights for victim offender reconciliation programs as that allowed for Alternative Dispute Resolution Act volunteers. Effective 4-20-00

SB 1105(1) (Shurden/Adair): Prohibits any person from operating, manipulating or giving permission to any person to operate or manipulate any personal watercraft in a reckless or negligent manner so as to endanger the life or property of any person. Effective 5-24-00

SB 1241(1) (Brown/Hilliard): Clarifies the intent that inmates should be reintegrated into society after being incarcerated. It requires nonviolent offenders with no prior adult or juvenile record for a violent offense to be placed in a halfway house following a period of time in a work center or community corrections center. Effective 5-3-00

SB 1381(1) (Wilkerson/Askins): Creates the DNA Forensic Testing Act. Allows the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System to investigate indigent incarcerated persons' claims that DNA testing will show their factual innocence and arrange DNA testing if the System determines the claim has a reasonable basis in fact. Effective 7-1-00.

SB 1383(1) (Herbert/Paulk): Makes eluding a peace officer in a manner that endangers another person a felony. Effective 5-3-00

SB 1406(1) (Crutchfield/Nance): Adds definitions and violations to the Prevention of Youth Access Tobacco Act. Establishes requirements for proof of identity for persons applying for a driver license and replacement license. Authorizes the Department of Public Safety to cancel identification cards and requires surrender of cancelled or revoked driver license or identification card. Authorizes revocation of driver license for fraudulent information used to apply for or to obtain a Class A, B or C driver license. Expands identity theft to prohibit allowing any person the use of the person's name, address, social security number, date of birth, or any other identifying information to allow the other person to obtain or attempt to obtain any identifying document in the name of the other person. Effective 11-1-00.

SB 1444(1) (Horner/Toure): Prohibits racial profiling. A violation is a misdemeanor. The bill requires every municipal, county, and state law enforcement agency to adopt a policy prohibiting racial profiling. It provides for the district attorney and the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission to hear complaints. It requires an annual report. Effective 7-1-00

SB 1451(1) (Henry/Toure): Requires deferred prosecution agreement to be a record open to the public. Requires office of district attorney to provide identifying information of accused who had entered into a deferred prosecution agreement. Excepts from open record requirements certain deferred prosecution agreements entered into and related information obtained prior to the effective date of act. Requires documents relating to certain termination of deferred prosecution agreement to be open to the public. States penalty for releasing confidential information prior to effective date of act. Effective 7-1-00

SB 1489(1) (Wilkerson/Paulk): Allows a law enforcement agency to file forfeiture proceedings when the district attorney has not filed within ninety (90) days. It provides for use of equipment and distribution of proceeds from the sale of property not retained for use. Effective 11-1-00

SB 1496(1) (Shurden/Stanley): Amends the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. The bill increases the instructor license from one year to four years. It grants immunity to firearms instructors for third party claims for injury in training. It clarifies extent of civil liability for minor child using a firearm. Effective 7-1-00

SB 1516(1) (Shurden/Braddock): Changes procedures for victim protection orders. It allows a petition for a protective order to automatically renew until the defendant is served. It allows the sheriff to transfer petitions to other jurisdictions to effect service on the defendant and allows a private investigator to serve the petition statewide. A victim protection order may be filed in any county regardless of where the plaintiff or defendant resides. It makes child stealing and unlawful removal of a child from this state or the United States a felony. Effective 7-1-00

SB 1565(1) (Henry/Paulk): Creates the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision Act for the supervision of probationers and parolees. The bill replaces the 1937 Uniform Act For Out-of-State Parolees Supervision Act. Effective 7-1-00

HB 1987(1) (Kirby/Helton): Enacts the Laser Safety Act. The Act criminalizes pointing a laser light at a law enforcement officer. The penalty is a misdemeanor. Effective 11-1-00

HB 2009(1) (Askins/Smith): Removes the limitation for the pilot projects operating under the Oklahoma Community Sentencing Act. It repeals obsolete sections. Effective 4-10-00

HB 2038(1) (Askins/Morgan): Makes several changes to the Domestic Abuse Reporting Act, primarily relating to "foreign protective orders". This bill defines a foreign protective order and includes the order among those punishable pursuant to Oklahoma statutes for violation thereof. Provides nationwide validity to Oklahoma-issued protective orders. Authorizes a peace officer to make a warrantless arrest for violation of a foreign protective order. States legislative intent that all foreign protective orders shall have a rebuttable presumption of validity. Requires a foreign protective order to be given full faith and credit by all peace officers and courts in the State of Oklahoma unless and until the order is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction. Exempts a peace officer from liability for enforcing the provisions of a foreign protective order. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2104(1) (Paulk/Benge): Clarifies the definition for child pornography. It allows injunctive relief to enjoin distribution or sale of child pornography. The bill redefines obscene material for purpose of criminal prosecutions and exempts the definition of obscene material for a child pornography offense. Effective 11-1-00.

HB 2115(1) (Fields/Long): Addresses amusement ride safety by defining "alteration" and directing the Dept. of Labor to promulgate rules relating thereto and to maintenance, inspection, and repair records. Also mandates that amusement ride owners display signs at certain locations. The signs, using statutorily specified language, are to inform riders about their responsibilities and tell them where to report injuries. Also addresses boiler and pressure vessel inspections by authorizing the Commissioner of Labor to allow inspection of multiple boilers or pressure vessels at one site at the same time. Effective 11-1-00.
HB 2121(1) (Culver/Mickle): Prohibits state, county or municipal employees and contractors from committing sexual battery or sodomy upon any person in the custody or supervision of the state, county or municipality. Effective 11-1-00

HB 2399(1) (Collins/Brown): Makes it unlawful for a person to use a device capable of producing auditory warning signals similar to an emergency vehicle. Effective 7-1-00.

(1) Passed, signed by Governor (2) Passed, pending Governor's approval/disapproval (3) Vetoed by Governor
(4) Pending in Legislature (5) Failed in Legislature (6) Enrolled with the Sec. of State

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