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2002 Oklahoma Senate Legislative Briefs

Please note: The free Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print PDF files


The Community Hospitals Authority Act: HTML / PDF - August 2002

Cost of Living Increases Affecting Retired Public Employees: HTML / PDF - July 2002

Health Insurance Coverage for Education Employees: HTML / PDF - September 2002

Homeland Security: HTML / PDF - October 2002

Issues Referred to Oklahoma Voters (State Questions): HTML / PDF - August 2002

Oklahoma Department of Transportation: HTML / PDF - August 2002

Oklahoma Water Sales: HTML / PDF - June 2002

Pro-Business Legislation: HTML / PDF - August 2002

Reimbursement to School Districts, Counties and Other Property Tax Recipients for Property Tax Exemptions Granted by the Legislature HTML / PDF - August 2002

Smoking In Public Places: HTML / PDF - July 2002