June 2000

State Employee Pay Raise

State employees of Oklahoma have one of the lowest salary averages in the nation. The last Census data (1998) ranked Oklahoma last in average annual salaries paid to state employees. Over the past few sessions, the Legislature has been working to erode this disparity.

Summary of Actions

Pay Raise

SB 959 (Taylor/Benson): At a cost of $39.8 million, this bill provides a $2,000 annualized salary increase beginning October 1, 2000, for full-time and part-time officers and employees, including temporary and other limited term employees of the state who were employed on the last working day of September 2000. It allows permanent classified employees to retain a portion of the raise upon promotion. Provides specific inclusion for employees of county health departments, conservation districts, full-time and part-time assistant district attorneys, and George Nigh Rehabilitation Institute. Limits the pay increase by any statutory limitation or limitation set out in appropriation legislation.

State Employee Pay, Oklahoma and Surrounding States (before $2,000 pay raise)

This bill also provides salary increases for Justices and judges, Worker's Compensation Court and Corporation Commission court reporters, county election board secretaries, members of the Highway Patrol, Lake Patrol, Communications Division and Capitol Patrol of the Department of Public Safety, and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The pay raise for Justices and Judges is funded through a decrease in the employer contribution to the Uniform Retirement System for Justices and Judges. The system is currently 146% funded.


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Prepared By:
The Oklahoma State Senate, Senate Staff
Senator Stratton Taylor, President Pro Tempore

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