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2000 Oklahoma Senate Legislative Briefs

Please note: The free Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view and print PDF files


Child Support Guidelines: HTML / PDF - August 2000

Electric Restructuring: HTML / PDF - July 2000

Fraudulent Driver Licenses: HTML / PDF - July 2000

Health Care Legislation for State and Education Employees: HTML / PDF - June 2000

Highways: HTML / PDF - July 2000

Licensing and Regulation of Building Crafts/Trades: HTML / PDF - June 2000

Motor Vehicle Tags and Taxes: HTML / PDF - June 2000

Public Construction and Renovation: HTML / PDF - June 2000

Red River Boundary Compact: HTML / PDF - October 2000

Retirement Legislation for Public Employees: HTML / PDF - June 2000

State Employee Pay Raise: HTML / PDF - June 2000

Tobacco Settlement Funds: HTML / PDF - July 2000