August 1999

State Employees Pay and Personnel Legislation

I. Pay

SB 183 - Annualized Salary Increase

Summary of Action
Effective July 1, 1999, all full-time and part-time state officers and employees, with some exceptions, employed as of June 30, 1999 shall receive a 2% annualized salary increase up to a maximum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) and at least Six Hundred Dollars ($600).

II. Personnel Legislation

SB 464 - Classification/Compensation Reform Legislation

Issue Background
The Classification and Compensation Reform Project began in 1995 to study and make recommendations for improving the existing state system. On August 8, 1996 Governor Frank Keating signed Executive Order 96-25 implementing a study. Senate Bill No. 464 was based upon the findings of this study.

Summary of Action
Enacts the Classification and Compensation Reform Act of 1999. Requires the Office of Personnel Management to implement a new classification and compensation system on or after November 1, 1999. Implements eighteen (18) broad pay bands for state unclassified employees in lieu of the current one hundred (100) grade levels and restructures classifications into new job families. Provides authorization for agencies to grant certain pay increases. Also provides a new performance management process for evaluation of state employees both classified and unclassified.

SB 505 - Point of Service Plans

Summary of Action
Allows a state officer or employee to receive any travel reimbursements that he or she may be entitled to through direct deposit if the officer or employee is receiving his or her payroll claims pursuant to the Oklahoma State Employees' Direct Deposit Act.


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Prepared By:
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