Comparison of Analyses of '1st Time Criminals' Sentenced to Prison
  Department of Corrections         Number     Criminal Justice Resource Center         Number
1. Population considered: inmates in prison         21,000   1. Population considered: inmate receptions in FY'99         6,599
2. Initial Query of Computer Records: 1st-time in prison,             2. Initial Query of Computer Records: All prisoners received,          
  non-violent controlling offense, excluding drug trafficking               whether convicted of a violent or non-violent offense,          
  & manufacturing and multiple judgement/sentence dates.         1,741     whose court records showed no prior offenses.         2,069
3. Additional qualifier: review each inmate's "jacket" to             3. Additional qualifier: Exclude offenders convicted of a          
  detect prior juvenile offenses; prior convictions not               violent offense, drug trafficking or drug manufacturing; and          
  reflected in the mainframe (no limit in years passed); and               those with multiple judgement/sentence dates.          
  out-of-state convictions.         740     Note: CJRC cannot access juvenile records. CJRC          
                  tracks out-of-state prior convictions only if they are          
                  entered into court records, or if DOC forwards RAP sheet.          
  District Attorney's Council Review of DOC records                          
4. Population Considered: case-by-case review by DA         740   4. CJRC database on prison receptions was queried to         1,209
  offices of 631 of the 740 DOC "1st-timers".               apply to reception data the criteria deemed by DA          
                  analysis to be non-qualifying.          
5. Additional qualifier: Private DA records showed prior             5. There are no public records that can verify DA deferred          
  convictions on 142 of the 740 (e.g., DA deferred               prosecutions.          
  sentences).         489               n/a
6. Additional qualifier: 133 of the 740 had been sentenced             6. Exclude 362 prison receptions to RID/FORT, which are          
  toa prison-based program such as RID/FORT, which the               shock-incarceration programs. Because they are          
  DAs consider "alternative sentencing."         356     short-term programs, annual receptions exceed capacity.         847
7. Additional qualifier: 31 of the 740 were sent to prison             7. Exclude 16 prison receptions that were the result of a blind          
  as a result of a blind plea or jury trial (DA did not               plea or a jury trial.          
  negotiate a prison terms as a plea agreement)         325               831
8. Additional qualifer: 212 of the 740 were incarcerated on             8. Exclude 319 other drug offenders whose charges were not          
  drug charges (67 for dealing or manufacturing, 82 for               related to trafficking/manufacturing. This includes          
  multiple drug charges, 63 for single drug charges).         113     possession, distribution, cultivation, etc.         512
9. Additional qualifier: 54 of the 704 were charged with             9. CJRC methodology does not capture information on          
  multiple non-drug counts, whether or not they were               initial charges; only charges that result in conviction are          
  convicted on multiple counts.         59     entered.         n/a
                10. Exclude 226 revoked sentences (the DOC and DA analyses          
                  of prison population exclude revokes as 1st-timers).         286