Analysis of Crime and Conviction Data

Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety & Judiciary
April 11, 2001

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Prison Population Trends
1. DOC Inmate Population Projections through FY'09

Crimes and Convictions

2. Index Crime Rate Trend
3. Total Arrests Trend
4. Juvenile Arrests for Violent Crimes Trend
5. Drug Arrests Trend
6. Eight Most Common Felony Convictions
7. Offenders Sentenced to Prison by Crime
8. Comparison of Convictions vs. Prison Receptions by Crime Type
9. Change in Sentences to Prison and to Parole, FY'00 vs. FY'99
10. Average Sentence Length and Time Served, Oklahoma vs. U.S.
11. Total Receptions and Drug Crime Receptions, 1986 through 2000
12. Drug Possession Offenders Sent to Prison, by County
13. Comparison of "1st Time, Non-violent Prisoners"
14. Discussion of Issues: Defining "1st-Time Non-Violent Offender"

Community Sentencing Summary

15. Community Sentencing Status Report
16. Prison Receptions from Community Sentencing Counties