Employment Outlook

Education will play an increasingly large part in eligibility for available jobs:

  • Occupations which require a bachelor's degree or above will average 23% growth, almost double the 12% growth expected for occupations that require less education and training;

  • Jobs with above average wages are expected to account for 60% of employment growth. Such jobs require higher levels of education and training.

The following six top job growth fields are all health care or technology-related. They show growth potential into the twenty-first century:

  • Biotechnology - Science, biology, engineering, and chemistry backgrounds will provide for unlimited opportunities in this field;

  • Computer Graphics - Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided imagery will be two of the fastest growing fields;

  • Health Care - Technological improvements will create treatment breakthroughs;

  • Lasers - From health care to communications to manufacturing, lasers will be used in a variety of ways;

  • Robotics - Projections of a new generation of robots will increase demand for engineers, technicians, installers, and repair personnel.

(Source: BLS, 1996-97 Occupational Outlook Handbook; Hello! America, Inc. The 100 Best Jobs for the 1990s and Beyond; and Silver, A. David, "Quantum Companies: 100 Companies That Will Change the Face of Tomorrow's Business", 1995)

Revised 12-02-97