The Oklahoma Senate

Week In Review
Mon, April 7 - Thurs. Apr. 10, 2014

Monday, April 7

• The Senate met Monday, adjourning without hearing bills.

• Senate committees did not take up bills Monday.

• The House approved several bills, including the following on Monday.

-SB 1023 by Sen. Dan Newberry, states that minimum wage and employee benefits that are to be mandated for municipalities or other political subdivisions of the state must be approved by legislation.

-SB 1226 by Sen. Mike Mazzei, amends language relating to the period during which certain tax credits may be claimed for every state banking association, national banking association and credit union.

-SB 1648 by Sen. John Sparks, clarifies language relating to the final adoption of agency rules.

• House committees approved several measures Monday, including the following.

-SB 1790 by Sen. Patrick Anderson, modifies language relating to sports related injuries.

-SB 1181 by Sen. Ron Sharp, creates the Oklahoma STEM Advisory Committee State of Mind Program.

-SB 1654 by Sen. John Ford, prohibits the State Board of Education from developing and or administering any criterion-referenced test for grades three through eight in any subject not required by federal law.

-SB 1902 by Sen. A.J. Griffin, would allow the Office of Juvenile Affairs to offer a charter school.

Tuesday, April 8

• The Senate did not consider legislation Tuesday.

• Senate committees approved several measures Tuesday, including the following.

-HB 3297 by Rep. Leslie Osborn, allows the Department of Labor to regulate compressed natural gas fueling stations instead of the Corporation Commission.

• The House approved several bills Tuesday, including the following.

-SB 212 by Sen. Rick Brinkley, modifies language relating to the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement Board.

-SB 1820 by Sen. A.J. Griffin, modifies language related to the Anti-Drug Diversion Act.

-SB 1216 by Sen. Kim David, modifies language related to Department of Human Services’ services.

• House committees passed several measures Tuesday, including the following.

-SB 1702 by Sen. Dan Newberry, creates the Medical Treatment Laws Information Act.

-SB 2089 by Sen. Brian Crain, modifies language relating to landlords and tenants.

-SB 1450 by Sen. A.J. Griffin, modifies language relating to state investigations of Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs facilities.

-SB 1499 by Sen. Kim David, modifies the definition of “assisted outpatient”.

-SB 1777 by Sen. Frank Simpson, exempts from the ban on smoking in state buildings and on state property state veterans centers, which will be designated nonsmoking Jan. 1, 2015.

-SB 2071 by Sen. Anthony Sykes, makes it a felony to take or remove from the disaster area any material objects indirectly pertaining to the disaster.

Wednesday, April 9

• The Senate did not approve any measures Wednesday.

• Senate committees approved several measures Wednesday, including the following.

-HB 3293 by Rep. Leslie Osborn, creates the State Employee Pay Program.

-HB 2685 by Rep. Randy Grau, prohibits an abortion from being performed without voluntary and informed consent.

• The House met Wednesday, approving several measures including the following.

-SB 1187 by Sen. Rob Standridge, establishes policies regarding water reuse projects.

• House committees approved a number of bills Wednesday, including the following.

-SB 1715 by Sen. David Holt, allows the ABLE Commission to issue licenses for charitable events.

-SJR 21 by Sen. Clark Jolley, modifies language relating to the Judicial Nominating Commission.

-SB 1815 by Rep. Bryce Marlatt, prevents law enforcement agencies from establishing and enforcing quotas for traffic citations.

-SB 1651 by Sen. Clark Jolley, provides funding to complete the construction of the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

-SB 1808 by Sen. Dan Newberry, relates to unemployment benefits and employees’ discharge for misconduct.

-SB 1246 by Sen. Brian Bingman, reduces the top individual tax rate to 5 percent.

-SB 573 by Sen. Clark Jolley, creates the Public Charter School Accountability and Authorization Act.

-SB 1047 by Sen. Ralph Shortey, creates the Oklahoma Work Program.

-SB 1223 by Sens. Frank Simpson and Tom Ivester, creates the 9/11 GI Bill.

-SB 1604 by Sen. Mark Allen, creates the Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery Revolving Fund.

-SB 1711 by Sen. Rob Standridge, modifies language relating to the tax credit in clean burning motor vehicle fuel property.

Thursday, April 10

• The Senate met Thursday, approving several bills, including the following.

-HB 2328 by Rep. John Bennett, modifies language relating to oversize vehicle permits.

-HB 3349 by Rep. Don Armes, creates the Federal Clean Water Act Grant Revolving Fund.