The Oklahoma Senate

Week In Review
Monday, Feb. 6, 2014

• The Senate met briefly Monday, before joining the House of Representatives in joint session for the governor’s state of the state address.

• Senate committees took no action on bills on Monday.

• The House convened Monday, before joining the Senate in joint session.

• The House Calendar Committee met Monday, approving a number of measures.

Tuesday, February 4

• The Senate met Tuesday, but took no action on bills.

• Senate committees approved a number of measures Tuesday, including the following.

-SB 1329 by Sen. Ron Sharp, modifies definitions relating to the Small Employer Quality Jobs Incentive Act.

-SB 1721 by Sen. Clark Jolley, extends the expiration date of the Compete With Canada Film Act.

-SB 1722 by Sen. Clark Jolley, amends language relating to the Oklahoma Quality Events Incentive Act.

-SB 1723 by Sen. Clark Jolley, eliminates the expiration date of certain deductions for members of the Armed Forces.

• The House met briefly Tuesday, approving the following resolution.

-HR 1037 by Rep. Pam Peterson, establishes an order of business for the House of Representatives for the second session of the 54th Oklahoma Legislature.

• House committees approved a number of bills Tuesday, including the following.

-HB 2070 by Rep. Dan Fisher, creates the Protection of Human Life Act.

-HB 2685 by Rep. Randy Grau, modifies language relating to abortion.

Wednesday, February 5

• The Senate met Wednesday, but approved no legislation.

• Senate committees met Wednesday, approving a number of measures including the following.

-SB 1449 by Sen. A.J. Griffin, modifies language relating to the management, operation, and use of children's shelters.

-SB 1451 by Sen. Ron Sharp, requires the Department of Human Services to obtain approval of the Legislature prior to any modification of the eleven area agencies.

• The House met Wednesday, approving the following resolution.

-HR 1038 by Rep. Mike Reynolds, recognizes February 5, 2014, as Rose Day 2014 at the State Capitol.

• House committees met Wednesday, approving several measures including the following.

-HB 2372 by Rep. John Trebilcock, prohibits an employing entity from requesting, requiring, or forcing a current or prospective employee to disclose or access his or her social media account.

-HB 2624 by Rep. Randy McDaniel, creates the Pension Responsibility Act.

Thursday, February 6

• The Senate met Thursday, approving the following resolution.

-SR 41 by Sen. Kim David, proclaims Friday, February 7, 2014 as Wear Red Day in Oklahoma in recognition of the importance of the ongoing fight against heart disease and stroke.