The Oklahoma Senate

Week In Review
Monday, May 12 to Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monday, May 12

• The Senate met Monday and approved the following legislation:

-SB 512 by Sen. David Myers, authorizes liens for medical claims be placed in relation to services provided by medical diagnostic imaging facilities not affiliated with a hospital that provides diagnostic imaging.

-SB 1024 by Owen Laughlin, creates the School Protection Act, to provide teachers, principals and other school professionals the tools they need to undertake reasonable actions to maintain order, discipline and an appropriate educational environment.

-SB 1921 by Sen. Charlie Laster, establishes requirements for courts to hear protective orders in certain circumstances.

-SCR 87 by Sen. Susan Paddack, commends the public career of Dr. Jeanie Nelson.

-SCR 93 by Sen. Constance N. Johnson, recognizes May 30 and 31 as "Power to End Stroke Gospel Fest Days" in Oklahoma.

• Senate committees took no action on Monday.

• The House convened Monday and approved numerous appropriations measures along with the following legislation:

-HB 2633 by Rep. Sally Kern, creates the Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act.

-HB 2518 by Rep. Ben Sherrer, directs rather than recommends the State Board of Education to adopt rules related to transfers of children with disabilities.

-HB 2995 by Rep. Dennis Johnson, creates the MISSing Angels Act - Christopher and Kendall's Law, which modifies language related to vital statistics, adding definitions for "stillbirth" and "certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth".

-HB 2731 by Rep. Fred Jordan, creates the School District Employee Direct Deposit Act.

-HB 3098 by Rep. Gary Banz, creates the Aerospace Institute Act, removing language that placed the Institute under the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology.

-HCR 1072 by Rep. Jerry McPeak, expresses honor, value and appreciation for the contributions that all the living original enrollees of the Dawes Rolls have made to the state.

• House committees took no action on Monday.

Tuesday, May 13

• The Senate met Tuesday and approved several budget measures and the following bill:

-SB 1505 by Sen. Jeff Rabon, modifies language related to the Public Competitive Bidding Act, stating that prequalification to bid or perform work does not constitute a license.

• Senate committees took no action on Tuesday.

• The House on Tuesday approved more than 30 appropriations measures on Tuesday.

• House committees took no action on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 14

• The Senate met Wednesday and approved the following bills:

-SB 1507 by Sen. Jay Paul Gumm, requires reports, administrative rules, budget work programs and requests and any other document to be filed with the Governor and leaders of the Legislature to be filed electronically.

-SCR 97 by Sens. Glenn Coffee and Mike Morgan, establishes a legislative procedure schedule for the 52nd Oklahoma Legislature.

-SR 90 by Sen. Charles Laster, relates to the protection of the property and supplies of the Senate and duties of the President Pro Tempore during the 2008 legislative interim.

-SB 1043 by Sen. Brian Crain, modifies requirements for certificates of incorporation.

-SB 1452 by Sen. Todd Lamb, requires legislators, state agency employees and other members of the Reentry Policy Council to be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred in the performance of their Council duties.

-SB 1926 by Sen. Brian Crain, modifies language related to the Mortgage Broker Advisory Committee.

-SB 1927 by Sen. Brian Crain, sets a specific education requirement for certain licensees under the Mortgage Broker Licensure Act.

-SB 1928 by Sen. Brian Crain, modifies certain continuing education requirements for licensees under the Mortgage Broker Licensure Act.

-SB 1941 by Sen. Todd Lamb, creates the Oklahoma School Security Act.

-SB 1943 by Sen. Mike Mazzei, modifies and updates definitions to the Oklahoma Local Development and Enterprise Zone Incentive Leverage Act.

• Senate committees took no action on Wednesday.

• The House met Wednesday and approved several budget bills along with the following resolutions:

-SCR 63 by Sen. Andrew Rice, praises the public service of Charles Nesbitt.

-SCR 42 by Sen. Kenneth Corn, asks Congress to intervene in procedures to implement and enforce the new all-terrain vehicle regulations adopted by the U.S. Forest Service that are scheduled to take effect in September 2008, by postponing the date on which the regulations take effect.

-SCR 81 by Sen. Anthony Sykes, commends Stephens County Sheriff Jimmie Bruner.

-SCR 86 by Sen. Jeff Rabon, reaffirms the honors bestowed on retired state trooper Ed Vandergriff in SCR 68 passed in 2000.

• House committees took no action on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 15

• The Senate met Thursday and approved several budget bills in addition to the following legislation:

-SB 47 by Sen. Brian Crain, prohibits the forced implantation of a microchip by authorizing the State Department of Health to impose a fine in certain circumstances.

-HB 1739 by Rep. Weldon Watson, creates the Retail Electric, Consumer Cost Reduction, Safety and Service Efficiency Act.

-SR 92 by Sen. Mary Easley, congratulates the Schultz Family for their selection as 2008 Special Olympics Family of the Year.

-SB 1859 by Sen. Charles Wyrick, creates the Oklahoma Dairy Promotion Act.

-SB 70 by Sen. Roger Ballenger, modifies provisions relating to veterinarians.

-SB 1567 by Sen. Cliff Branan, requires police chiefs to complete certain training and removing those without certain qualifications from office.

Other News

• The Members of the State Senate on Wednesday paid tribute to Oklahoma’s Trooper of the Year Award winners for 2007, which included state troopers who risked their own lives to perform a daring helicopter rescue of a Kingfisher couple. Sen. Charles Laster authored legislation honoring Lt. Brian Sturgill and Trooper Joe Howard for their bravery.
• The White House on Wednesday approved Governor Brad Henry’s request for Federal Disaster Assistance after tornadoes swept through the state, resulting in several deaths and significant property destruction. The town of Picher, in Northeast Oklahoma, suffered the most widespread damage, with numerous properties and businesses destroyed in the storm.