The Oklahoma Senate

Week In Review
Monday, February 4 to Thursday, February 7, 2008

Monday, February 4

• Monday, February 4, marked the first day of the 2008 legislative session, with President Pro-Tempore Mike Morgan presiding.

• Following the session, members of the Senate reconvened in the House for a joint session which featured Governor Brad Henry’s State of the State address.

• Senate committees took no action on Monday.

• House committees took no action on Monday.

Tuesday, February 5

• With attention focused on getting measures assigned and heard by committees by the February 21 deadline, the Senate met briefly on Tuesday, approving the following resolutions:

--SCR 48 by Sen. Glenn Coffee, declares Feb. 6, 2008, as Ronald Reagan Day in the state of Oklahoma.

-SCR 49 by Sen. Earl Garrison, repudiates Jim Crow laws and declares the Oklahoma legislature to be free of racial prejudice.

• Senate committees took no action on bills Tuesday.

• The House met Tuesday but took no action on bills.

Wednesday, February 6

Although attention remained focused on committee action in the Senate, one resolution was approved on Wednesday.

-SCR 50 by Sen. Johnnie Crutchfield, recognizes June 2008, as Deep-Vein Thrombosis Month and June 4, 2008, as Deep-Vein Thrombosis Day in Oklahoma.

• Senate committees met Wednesday but took no action on bills.

• The House focused on committee work Wednesday and approved the following resolution:

-SCR 48 by Sen. Glenn Coffee, declares Feb. 6, 2008, Ronald Reagan day in the state of Oklahoma.

Thursday, February 7

• The Senate met briefly before adjourning so that committees could meet. The deadline for final action by committees on legislation from the house of origin is Thursday, February 21, 2008. The full Senate will reconvene on Monday, February 11, at 1:30 p.m.

The following resolution was approved by the Senate on Thursday:

-HCR1055 by Rep. Mike Shelton, celebrates the life of Rep. Opio Toure.

Other News

• Governor Brad Henry on Monday proposed a $7.3 billion budget for the 2009 fiscal year. Highlights of the budget proposal include a $68.5 million allocation for teacher pay increases, $32.7 million for a state employee pay increase and a $45 million bond issue for the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

• The presidential primary election held Tuesday, February 5, easily broke previous state records for voter turnout. A total of 752,075 Oklahomans voted, which is an increase of over 118,000 from the previous record for primary voters. Oklahoma Democrats favored Hillary Clinton, who received 55 percent of the vote. John McCain was the victor in the Republican primary with 37 percent of the vote.

• After a University of Oklahoma student was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, the University announced that free meningitis evaluations and antibiotics would be made available to students. On Monday alone, at least 100 students visited the University’s Goddard Health Center for evaluations.

• Following Rep. Lance Cargill’s resignation as Speaker of the House, Republican members elected Rep. Chris Benge to fill the leadership post. Cargill stepped down amid controversy relating to late property tax filings on his Harrah law office.