The Oklahoma Senate

Week In Review
For the week of Monday, May 6 to Thursday, May 9, 2002

Monday, May 6th

  • On Monday the full Senate considered executive nominations, resolutions, appropriations and substantive measures. Among those measures winning approval by the Senate:

    -SCR 73 by Sen. Keith Leftwich directing the Department of Transportation to cease the privatization of specified highway maintenance work in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

    -SB 1635 by Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson creates the Oklahoma Health Care Access Act, requires the State Department of Health to develop a plan related to volunteer, requires exploration of private partnerships and requires a report.

    -SB 1595 by Sen. Penny Williams requires the successful completion of the competency examination for teacher licensure and excepts Alternative Placement Program Candidates

    -SB 1628 by Sen. Penny Williams changes the name of the Oklahoma Organ Donor Education and Awareness Program Act to the Cheryl Selman Organ Donor Education and Awareness Act.

  • Measures receiving approval by the full House on Monday included the following:

    -HB 2605 by Rep. Ron Kirby directs the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to establish a prescription drug discount program and expands the duties of the Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board.

    -HB 1397 by Rep. Charles Gray modifies licensing requirements for cosmetology schools. The measure gives cosmetology students additional flexibility in meeting licensing requirements by allowing them to count credit hours as training hours. The measure also clarifies the need for cosmetology students to hold a GED or high school diploma.

    -SB 1060 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriates $3.7 million to the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority, containing a budget cut after removal of one-time funding, of 5 percent.

    -SB 1015 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriates $6.9 million to the Department of Libraries, reflecting a 5 percent budget cut.

    -SB 1036 by Rep. Mike Mass makes a supplemental appropriation of $3.7 million to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

  • The Governor signed 41 bills on Monday, including HB 2278 by Rep. Tim Pope and Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson issuing "Choose Life" license plates, with proceeds being used to fund organizations that assist pregnant women. Keating also signed HB 2380 by Rep. Paul Roan and Sen. Frank Shurden removing authorization for a turnpike from the Kansas State Line to the Texas State Line in the vicinity of U.S. Highway 69.

Tuesday, May 7th

  • Among those measures winning final approval by the Senate:

    -HB 2231 by Sen. Gilmer Capps allows schools to retain larger amounts of general revenue appropriations not used during the school year.

    -SR 40 by Sen. Maxine Horner declaring June 19, 2002 "Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame Day."

    -SB 1472 by Sen. Scott Pruitt to make tampering with or disabling security or surveillance cameras for certain purposes unlawful.

    -SB 37 by Sen. Ted Fisher creates the Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness Act.

    -SB 1078 by Sen. Kelly Haney and Sen. Cal Hobson creating a budget for the District Attorneys Council and requiring the Council to set the duties and compensation of employees.

  • Among those measures winning approval in the House on Tuesday:

    -HB 2525 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriates $640,904 to the Oklahoma Capitol Complex and Centennial Commission, reflecting a budget increase of 8.5 percent.

    -HB 2517 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriates $364,704 to the J.M. Davis Memorial Commission, reflecting a cut of 18.72 percent.

    -HB 2521 appropriates $949,734 to the Department of Mines, reflecting a budget cut of 5.01 percent.

    -HB 2527 appropriates $965,062 to the Will Rogers Memorial Commission, representing a cut of 8.19 percent.

    -HB 2555 appropriates $482,321 to the Ethics Commission, reflecting a 3.2 percent increase.

  • On Tuesday, the Governor signed six bills into law, including:

    -HB 2485 by Reps. Jack Bonny, Mike Mass and Sens. Kelly Haney and Cal Hobson, appropriating $371,278 to the Office of Handicapped Concerns, reflecting a 5 percent cut.

    -HB 2489, appropriating $790,374 to the Human Rights commission, a 5 percent cut.

    -HB 2491 appropriating $276,689 to the Indian Affairs Commission, reflecting a 5 percent cut.

    -HB 2172 by Rep. Mary Easley and Sen. Johnnie Crutchfield modifies language and extends the existence of the Advisory Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse through Jul 1, 2008.

    -SB 1336 by Sen. Herb Rozell and Rep. Jari Askins authorizing the use of intermediate sanctions facilities for some parolees, and allowing the facilities to be used to re-adjust inmates for their reentry into society.

    -SB 1631 by Sen. Johnnie Crutchfield and Rep. Barbara Staggs provides mathematic remediation for certain third through eighth grade students.

Wednesday, May 8th

  • Among those measures winning full approval in the State Senate on Wednesday:

    -SB 1683 by Sen. Stratton Taylor would implement a congressional redistricting plan to reflect the loss of one congressional seat; creating five districts which would result in incumbents Ernest Istook and Frank Lucas running against each other for representation of a newly drawn fifth district.

    -SB 820 by Sen. Penny Williams creating a joint legislative oversight committee for Oklahoma long-term care.

    -SB 817 by Sen. Gilmer Capps modifying the income tax credit for space transportation vehicle providers.

    -SR 48 by Sens. James Dunlap and Jim Reynolds praising the heroic life and mourning the loss of World War II veteran John Blue.

  • The following were among the measure approved by the full House on Wednesday:

    -SB 1038 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriating $3,107,821 to the Oklahoma State Banking Department, reflecting a 2 percent budget cut.

    -SB 1040 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriates $733,716 to the Department of Consumer Credit, representing a 7 percent budget decrease.

    -SB 1053 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriates $2.1 million to the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, reflecting a 6.4 percent cut.

    -SB 1154 by Rep. Mike Mass appropriates $1.75 million to the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, reflecting a 5 percent cut.

  • On Wednesday the Governor signed 12 bills into law, and vetoed 3 others. Among those measures signed:

    -SB 1033 by Sens. Kelly Haney and Cal Hobson and Reps. Mike Mass and Jack Bonny appropriating $441.5 million to the University Hospitals Authority.

    -SB 1036 by Sens. Kelly Haney, Cal Hobson and Reps. Mike Mass and Jack Bonny containing a supplemental appropriation of $3.7 million for the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

Thursday, May 9th

  • The Senate met briefly on Thursday morning to consider various amendments as well as measures on third reading. The full Senate will reconvene at Monday, May 13th at 10:30 a.m. There are two weeks remaining in the 2002 legislative session.

Other News

  • Governor Frank Keating approved rules passed by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board that he said would impose "tough but fair" restrictions on the levels of phosphorous in Oklahoma's six designated Scenic Rivers. The six rivers include the Illinois, the Baron Fork River, Lee Creek, Little Lee Creek, Flint Creek and the Upper Mountain Fork River. The rules establish a limit of .037 parts per million of phosphorous in the rivers to be met within 10 years. Governor Keating said he had asked Secretary of Environment Brian Griffin to meet as soon as possible with Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and other officials to discuss implementing the new rules. According to a 1992 Supreme Court ruling, upstream states are subject to downstream water quality regulations.

  • Attorney General Drew Edmondson issued a warning to Oklahoma Consumers; if someone calls saying they can put you on the new telemarketer "do not call" list for a fee of $500, don't believe it. Edmondson says it's a scam to con people into giving out their credit card numbers. The actually program is still in the planning stages, and the A.G. added that he doubted they would use telemarketing to sign people up for it.