Senate examines costs/benefits of the Heartland Flyer
mp3 (Simpson discusses Wednesday's hearing on Heartland Flyer.)
mp3 (Roy Williams on passenger rail importance.)
Joint committee studies state employee insurance plans
mp3 (Sen. Kim David & Rep. Michael Rogers explain why they requested the interim study on state employee health insurance.)
mp3 (Sen. David discusses her thoughts on the solutions presented by the three health organizations.)
mp3 (Rep. Rogers shares his thoughts on the solutions presented.)
mp3 (Sen. David & Rep. Rogers discuss the next steps in addressing climbing healthcare costs in OK.)

Joint legislative study looks at the use of credit scores in setting car insurance premiums
mp3 (Sen Standridge on study on credit and car insurance rates.)
mp3 (Rep Cleveland disucsses use of credit in car insurance premiums.)

Interim study focuses on significant gaps in Oklahoma’s child abuse registry
mp3 ( Sen AJ Griffin on child abuse registry gaps.)
Judiciary Committee hears testimony on eyewitness misidentification and wrongful convictions
mp3 (Sen Holt discusses eyewitness misidentification.)
mp3 (Timothy Durham was misidentified, convicted and sent to prison for child rape.)
mp3 (Vicki Behenna, Exec Dr of the Okla Innocence Project.)
Study touts benefits of concurrent enrollment
mp3 (Sen Stanislawski pleased with data on concurrent enrollment.)
mp3 (Sen Stanislawski, Chancellor Glen Johnson and Tony Hutchison with Regents for Higher Education discuss concurrent enrollment program.)
Senate Education Committee holds study on school sexual abuse
mp3 (Q&A with Sen. Loveless about study on sexual predators in schools.)
mp3 (Brad Clark, General Counsel for the Oklahoma State Board of Education, gives examples of abuse cases in OK.)
mp3 (Terri Miller, SESAME President gives national stats on student abuse.)