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It’s Official; Duncan is the Crapemyrtle Capital of Oklahoma
mp3 (Sen. Sykes, Lt. Gov. Askins and Rep. Johnson discuss SCR 44.)
Senate Honors Basketball Legend and Native Oklahoman Marques Haynes
mp3 (Sen. Eason McIntyre, Marques Haynes and Sen. Nancy Riley speak on Senate floor.)
Full Senate Approves ‘Oklahoma’s Second Century Promise’
mp3 (Sen. Corn explains Second Century Promise measure.)
Senate Passes Veteran Flag Bill
mp3 (Sen. Garrison explains legislation to honor fallen Oklahoma veterans.)
State Senate Approves Operation Iraqi Freedom License Plates
mp3 (Sen. Lamb discusses his bill creating tag for Operation Iraqi Freedom vets.)
Senator, Families of Autistic Children Press for Autism Coverage at State Capitol
mp3 (Sens. Jay Paul Gumm and Sen. Mary Easley discuss legislative efforts to require health iinsurance policies to cover autism related diagnosis and treatment.  Other speakers include Wayne Rohde who is the father of the Nick, who Sen. Gumm named his autism bill after (Nick's Law); Anne Roberts with the OK Institute for Child Advocacy; Rodney Miller who is the father of a 3-year-old autistic girl; and Nick's mother Robin Rohde.
Promise Denied: Rules Committee Refuses Hearing on Legislation Expanding OHLAP for Two-Year Colleges
mp3 (Sen. Corn says Second Century Promise not heard.)
Sen. Glenn Coffee's Weekly Q & A
Rice’s “Steffanie’s Law” Moves to Full Senate  
mp3 (Sen. Rice explains Steffanie's Law to committee.)
mp3 (Monty Collings, Steffanie's father, urges passage of law named after his daughter.)
Sen. Leftwich Passes Legislation to Strengthen Penalties Against Unlicensed Drivers in Injury/Fatality Accidents
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich explains SB 1599.)
Rice Plan for Veterans Health Insurance Passes Senate Appropriations Committee
mp3 (Sen. Rice explains bill to provide insurance for veterans.)
Senate GOP Bills to Streamline Government Pass Appropriations Committee
mp3 (Sen. Coffee explains bill creating office of accountability.)
Sen. Corn Opposes Measure to Consolidate Medical Examiner’s Office
mp3 (Sen. Corn explains opposition to moving ME to OSBI.)
Senate Committee Passes Bill to Prevent Election Fraud
mp3 (Sen. Ford explains voter ID bill.)
Bill to Privatize Lottery Heads to Full Senate
mp3 (Sen. Ford explains Lottery Privitization Act.)
Sen. Lamb Wins Committee Approval for Oklahoma School Security Act
mp3 (Sen. Lamb discusses his School Security Act.)
Senate Business and Labor Committee Supports Legislation Expanding Smoking Ban
mp3 (Sen. Myers explains bill to Business and Labor committee.)
Sen. Bass says Bill Would Protect Privacy and Public Health
mp3 (Sen. Bass talks to press about SB 1745.)
Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee's Weekly Q & A with Press
mp3 (Overview of Week 2)
Senate Business and Labor Committee Set to Hear Legislation Expanding Smoking Ban
mp3 (Sen. Myers explains push to extend smoking ban.)
Correctional Officers Worry Prison Crisis may Worsen with Latest Budget News
mp3 (Press Conference audio includes Senators Wilson, C. Johnson, Lerblance, Corn, Mike Rogers, Diana Gibbens, Lt. Weldon and Lt. Ramsey.)
Rice Unveils State Energy Savings Plans
mp3 (Sen. Rice explains two of his environmentally-friendly bills for state agencies and schools to cut costs.)
Measure to Provide More Accurate Graduation Statistics Heads to Senate
mp3 (Sen. Wilcoxson discusses state's graduation statistics and why a new formula is needed.)
Bill to Keep Oklahoma Competitive in Aerospace Industry Clears Committee
mp3 (Sen. Mazzei explains why tax credit is important.)
Senate Honors 2007 Jim Thorpe Award Winner Antoine Cason
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich and Antoine Cason's comments on the Senate floor.)
Bill Encourages More Physical Activity in Schools
mp3 (Sen. Easley says she each school's Fit & Healthy Committee would decide on the additional physical activity.)
mp3 (Stephanie Canada says her school easily meets the 120 minute per week goal for phsyical activity.)
mp3 (Canada discusses benefits of added activity.)
mp3 (Canada says that we're our growing obesity rates, our schools must refocus on physical activity not just testing.)
Sen. Lamb Wins Committee Approval for Operation Iraqi Freedom License Plates
mp3 (Sen. Lamb discusses tag for Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans.)
mp3 (Sen. Lamb gives stats on Oklahomans in Operation Iraqi Freedom.)
“In God We Trust” License Plate Bill Clears Committee
mp3 (Sen. Gumm discusses In God We Trust tag bill.)
Senate Education Committee Passes Easley Bill On Autism Professional Development Training
mp3 (Sen. Easley discusses bill to give teachers autism training.)
Bill Backed by Governor Henry Aimed at Decreasing High School Drop-Outs Passes Senate Education Committee
mp3 (Sen. Burrage discusses graduation coaching bill.)
Sen. Corn Says State Must Act to Address Need for Driver License Examiners
mp3 (Sen. Corn talks about driver license examiner shortage.)
Sen. Coffee's Weekly Press Q & A
mp3 (Overview of first week of session.)
Republican Budget Leaders Discuss Concerns with Henry’s Budget
mp3 Sen. Mike Johnson (center), with Sen. David Myers (right) and Rep. Ken Miller (left) address concerns with Governor's proposed budget at the Capitol on Tuesday.
Oklahoma State Senate Passes Concurrent Resolution Denouncing Jim Crow Laws
mp3 (Sen. Garrison says Jim Crowe laws were passed by the first legislature of Oklahoma.)
Senate Finance Committee Begins Search for ‘Ineffective, Obsolete’ Tax Incentives
mp3 (Finance Co-Chair Sen. Mike Mazzei discusses examination of tax incentives and breaks.)
Coffee Comments on Henry's State of the State Address
mp3 (Sen. Coffee talks to press about State of the State.)
Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan Comments on Governor Henry’s State of the State Address
mp3 (Sens. Morgan, Laster and Crutchfield talk to press about State of the State.)