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Timely Conclusion of Session Proves Senate Power-Sharing Agreement Worked
mp3 (Sen. Mike Morgan, Lt. Gov. Jari Askins and Sen. Glenn Coffee end session Sine Die.)
‘Taxpayer Transparency Act’ Goes to Gov.
mp3 (Sen. Brogdon explains SB 1.)
Senators Pass Measure to Increase Funding for Child Advocacy Centers/
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs

mp3 (Sen. Nichols on increased funding for child advocacy centers.)
mp3 (Sen. Corn on increased funding for sexual assault and domestic abuse.)
Legislature Sends Financial Literacy Bill to Governor
mp3 (Sen. Jolley pleased with passage of financial literacy bill.)
Senate Gives Final Approval to Bill Clarifying Child Neglect Definition
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich on final passage of SB 790.)
mp3 (John Slate shares his daughter Letha's story.)
mp3 (John Slate reax to final Senate passage of bill named for his daughter Letha.)
Week 15 Q & A with Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee.
State Senate Approves Jessica's Law
mp3 (Sen. Lamb discusses Jessica's Law.)
Senate Gives Final Approval to Bill Making False Amber Alerts a Felony
mp3 (Sen. Aldridge debates for bill on false Amber Alerts.)
Senate Sends Revised Pro-Life Bill to Henry
mp3 (Sen. Williamson debates for passage of SB 139.)
Governor, Legislative Leaders Announce State Budget Agreement
mp3 (Speakers include Gov. Brad Henry, Senate Co-President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee, President Pro Tempore Mike Morgan, House Speaker Lance Cargill and House Minority Leader Danny Morgan.)
Week 14 Q & A with Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee.
mp3 (Topics include Wall Street Journal article criticizing Governor's veto of lawsuit reform bill, budget impasse and courts overturning OEA's lawsuit.)

Taylorís Law will allow Mother to Honor Son in Court
mp3 (Sen Reynolds reacts to signing of Taylor's law)

mp3 (LaDonna Heintzelman said she was thrilled to learn Taylor's Law had been signed)


Williamson Says Battle for Pro-Life Issue Not Over
mp3 (Sen Williamson debates on second override attempt on veto of SB 714)

Business/Education Leaders Say Oklahomans Need the Truth about Public Education
mp3 (Author Rothkopf says reports implications for entire nation are grave.)
mp3 (Sen. Wilcoxson says Oklahoma can't gloss over the truth about weaknesses in state schools.)
mp3 (Sen. Eason McIntyre says poor performing schools impact quality of life for the entire state.)
mp3 (Dr. James Davis says Oklahomans need to know the truth about their schools.)
mp3 (OK failed in truth in academic achievement says Elena Rocha.)
mp3 (Burns Hargis on business implications.)
Religious Leaders Voice Support of Veto Override of SB 714
mp3 (Press conference audio: (In order) Sen. Williamson, Dr. of Ministry Anthony Jordan,
Senators Applaud Gov. for Signing Teacher’s Retirement Bill
mp3 (Sen. Mazzei on Gov. signing SB 357.)
mp3 (Sen. Corn reax to Gov signing SB 357.)
Gumm Praises Inclusion of “Back-to-School” Sales Tax Holiday in Overall Tax Cut Agreement
mp3 (Sen. Gumm debates for passage of SB 861.)
Senate Sends Tax Cut Bill to Henry
mp3 (Sen. Mazzei debates for passage of SB 861.)
Week 13 Q & A with Co-President Pro Tem Glenn Coffee.
Senate Gives Final Okay to ‘Taylor’s Law’
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds debates for SB 868.)
OCAST 20th Anniversary Celebrated by Senate
mp3 (Audio includes reading of resolution and comments from Sens. Jolley & Paddack.)
Bill to Restrict Student Info From Credit Card Companies Heads to Gov.
mp3 (Sen. Reynolds explains SB 496.)
Ban on Smoking at Zoos to Become Law
mp3 (Sen. Branan explains bill to ban smoking in zoos.)