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Sen. Aldridge Says Choctaw Shortchanged on Centennial Funding
mp3 (Sen. Aldridge says Eastern Oklahoma County was short-changed by Centennial Commission.)
Sen. Mazzei Says Study Results in Proposal to Ensure Strong Future for OSU Tulsa Med School
mp3 (Sen. Mazzei and Dr. Hess discuss OSUCOM plan.)
Senate Republicans to Push for ‘Up-or-Down’ Vote on Death Tax
mp3 (Sen. Mazzei says Death Tax bill soon heads to Governor.)
Senate Overhauls Spyware Bill
mp3 (Sen. Jolley explains anti-spyware bill.)
Senate Approves Kelsey’s Law 
mp3 (Sen. Coates discusses his bill.)
Sen. Rabon Passes First Health Benefits Increase for Retired Teachers/ Retired State Workers in Six Years 04.26.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Rabon says measure would increase health benefits for retired teachers and state workers.)
Senate OKs General Appropriations Bill 04.26.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Crutchfield debates for GA bill.)
‘Stand Your Ground’ Bill Clears Senate 04.25.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Coates his bill should help decrease the state's crime rate.)
Senator Shurden Honored by Fellow Members 04.18.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Shurden speaks about his years of service.)
mp3 / wav (Senate Pro Tem Mike Morgan addresses Sen. Shurden.)
Governor Signs Legislation Selecting Bat as State’s Flying Mammal 04.18.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Laughlin is excited that his district is the new home to the Official State Flying Mammal.)
Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Heavener Researcher  04.18.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Corn explains his resolution.)
Bill to Protect Images of Servicemen Passes Senate 04.12.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Wilson says bill will prevent the exploitation of service men and women.)
Senate Approves $976.4 Million Funding Bill for Higher Education 04.12.06
mp3 / wav (Sen Taylor debates for Higher Ed funding bill)
Senator Hobson Honored by Fellow Members 04.11.06
mp3 / wav (Comments from Senators Morgan and Hobson.)
Senate Passes Underage Drinking Bill 04.11.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Rabon discusses the measure.)
Highway Patrolman Honored by Senate 04.11.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Nichols, Sen. Corn and Colonel Gary Adams speak on the floor during the resolution presentation.)
Sen. Pruitt’s Historic Tax Cut Clears House 04.10.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Pruitt says this is a real tax cut for Oklahoma, not just a small rebate.)
Senate Approves Anti-Phishing Bill
mp3 (Sen. Coffee presents phishing bill on floor.)
Lawmakers Call for House Committee Action on Bill to Protect Rape/Domestic Violence Victims
mp3 (Entire press conference on SB 935.)
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich says SB 935 will ensure unpaid leave from work for victims of sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence.)
mp3 (One woman, who asked that her full name be withheld, shared her story of years of domestic abuse and then losing her job for taking time off to go to court, for counseling and trying to get her life back on track.)
mp3 (Pam Maisano, a representative for the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, says women need a guarantee that the jobs they depend on will be there in hard times.)
mp3 (Rep. Hamilton says SB 935 is a simple question of justice - if women are afraid of losing their livelihood, they probably won't seek counseling or pursue the case in court.)
Committee Kills Measure to Broaden State’s Tax Base
mp3 (Sen. Justice says bill would have helped Oklahoma's struggling rural economy.)
House GA bill slashes Corrections, DPS Budgets
mp3 (Sen. Corn says House GA budget would cause huge cuts in Corrections and OHP.)
Senator Jolley Praises Passage of Social Security Number Protection Measure
mp3 (Sen. Jolley says under current law, public utilities have to release social security numbers if asked to.)