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Senate Passes Funding Measure for Rural Fire Departments
mp3 (Sen. Rabon debates in favor of increased funding for Oklahoma's rural fire departments.)
mp3 (Sen. Rabon closes debate on his bill.)
Senate Meets Fund Education First Deadline with Approval of Record Public Schools’ Appropriation
mp3 (Sen. Taylor discusses the provisions of HB 2165.)
Senate Subcommittee Clears Underage Drinking Bill
mp3 (Sen. Rabon discusses his underage drinking bill.)
Rural GOP Senators Pleased That Senate Democrats Reverse Course and
Will Allow Vote on Funding Bill for Rural Firefighters

mp3 (Sen. Laughlin says rural firefighters need money, not political games.  Also includes a quote from Sen. David Myers, R-Ponca City.)
Senate Vote on Rural Fire Funding Set Today
mp3 (Sen Rabon says fire funding bill goes to a final vote Wed in the Senate)
Sen. Harrison Honored by Fellow Members
mp3 (Remarks from Sen. Harrison on the floor.)
mp3 (Remarks from Senators David Myers, Frank Shurden, Ted Fisher, Jeff Rabon, Earl Garrison, Johnnie Crutchfield, Glenn Coffee, Nancy Riley and Stratton Taylor.)
mp3 (Sen. Harrison's closing remarks.)
Senate Committee Approves Kelsey’s Law
mp3 (Grandmother Kathie Briggs and Sen. Harry Coates talk to reporters following unanimous passage of Kelsey's law.)
Senate Proposes Comprehensive Rural Fire Protection Plan; Calls on House to Act on Plan 03.22.06
mp3 (Sen. Rabon discusses his 3-tiered fire fighter funding plan with additional comments from Fiscal Analyst Amy Dunaway and Senators Corn, Barrington, Lawler, Wilson and Myers.)
Senate to Honor Oklahoma Agriculture
mp3 (Sen. Lawler talks about Ag Day at the State Capitol.)
Senate Passes Bipartisan Eminent Domain Bill
mp3 (Sen. Laster says his measure would protect private property by clearly defining 'economic development'.)
Senate Thanks and Recognizes Efforts of Firefighters
mp3 (Sen. Lerblance says SR 71 is a vote of thanks and confidence for firefighters.)
Senate Passes Guidelines for Determining Mental Retardation in Death Penalty Cases
mp3 (Sen. Lamb's closing debate remarks in support of his bill.)
Senate Approves Largest Income Tax Cut Bill in Oklahoma History
mp3 (Sen. Pruitt debates for his bill cutting income tax to 4.9 percent.)
Senate Approves Bill to Strengthen Retirement Systems
mp3 (Sen. Mazzei explains the need to strengthen state retirement systems.)
Senator Bass’ Comprehensive Identity Theft Bill Wins Approval in Senate
mp3 (Sen. Bass discusses his identity theft bill.)
Health Commissioner to Receive Sex Offender Registry
mp3 (Sen. Myers discusses SB 1707.)
Senate Supports Ten Commandments Displays
mp3 (Sen. Williamson talks about his amendment.)
Laster Amendment Protects Victimized Children
mp3 (Sen. Laster explains his bill to protect school-aged victims from juvenile offenders.)
Sen. Riley Says House Failure to Hear Measure on Juvenile Center Study Leaves Staff and Residents at Risk
mp3 (Sen. Riley very concerned this juvenile housing study won't be funded
Bill to Encourage Safer Driving by Teens Clears Senate
mp3 (Sen. Jolley says bill banning cell phones by teen drivers will prevent accidents.)
Bill to Protect Elderly and Disabled from Financial Scams Passes Senate
mp3 (Sen. Justice says his measure will make it a felony to financially exploit the elderly and disabled.)
Sen. Glenn Coffee, Republican Floor Leader, Q & A with reporters after 5th week of session
mp3 (Includes comments on lawsuit reform and pro-family legislation)
Mr. Voter Tapped by Senate as State’s Official Editorial Cartoon
mp3 (Jim Lange talks about his career as editorial cartoonist for the Oklahoman and Mr. Voter.)
Senate Selects Bat as State’s Flying Mammal
mp3 (Senator Laughlin Talks About Bill to Make Bat State Flying Mammal.)
Full Senate Approves Victim's Rights Bill for Students, Faculty
mp3 (Sen. Laster explains his bill to protect school age victims from juvenile offenders.)
Bill Protecting Daycare Children from Predators Passes Senate
mp3 (Sen. Nichols discusses his Zone of Safety legislation.)
mp3 (Sen. Laster talks about his amendment to Sen. Nichol's measure.)
New Federal Law Enables State Statute Helping Oklahomans with Long-Term Care to Take Effect
mp3 (Sen. Wilcoxson says federal action clears the way for Oklahoma law on long term care incentives.)
Senate Sends Illegal Immigration Bill to House
mp3 (Sen. Corn explains illegal immigration bill.)
Senate Approves Sales Tax Holiday
mp3 (Sen. Gumm urges members to support his tax holiday bill.)
mp3 (Sen. Gumm says retailers throughout the state lose customers to Texas during sales tax holiday weekend in August.)
Portrait of First OU President Dedicated at Capitol
mp3 (Painting dedication with comments from Sen. Hobson, President Boren and artist Mike Wimmer.)
Caitlin’s Law Approved by Full Senate 
mp3 (Sen. Paddack urges support of the Caitlin Wooten Act.)
Death Penalty for Repeat Child Molesters Wins Approval in the Senate
mp3 (Sen. Gumm's closing debate in favor of SB 1747.)
Senate Approves Measure to Make Oklahoma Classrooms More Accountable
mp3 (Sen. Paddack discusses provisions of SB 1792.)
Full Senate Approves Bill to Fight Meth Imports
mp3 / wav (Sen. Wyrick says bill goes after meth importers.)
Senate Passes "Safe Net Act" to Protect Children
mp3 (Sen. Wilson explains why his bill is needed.)
Senate Approves Neighborhood Protection Act
mp3 (Sen. Coffee explains Neighborhood Protection Act.)
Senate Gives Unanimous Approval to Bill Ending the Death Tax
mp3 (Sen. Mazzei pleased with passage of bill eliminating death tax .)
Sen. Owen Laughlin, R-Woodward, Assistant Republican Floor Leader Q & A with reporters after 4th week of session
mp3 (Topics range from the teacher pay raise bill and public safety to tax cuts and Republican bills that were denied a committee hearing.)
Senator Lawler Urges Caution After Latest Fires Cause Injuries and Displace Hundreds 03.02.06
mp3 (Sen. Lawler urges caution after fires continue to destroy.)
Senate Approves Expansion of Business-Friendly Health Insurance Premium Assistance Plan 03.02.06
mp3 (Sen. Adelson explains bill expanding premium assistance program.)
Senate Approves Farm-to-School Bill
mp3 (Sen. Lawler says Farm to School is a great program for the state.)
County Home Rule Measure Fails in Senate
mp3 (Sen. Leftwich's closing debate on bill.)
Children’s ATV Safety Act Wins Senate Approval 
(Sen. Cain explains ATV bill which was passed by the Senate.)
Bill Modifies Youthful Offender Act
mp3 (Sen. Riley believes that these offenders should face the consequences of their violent crime.)
Kyle Williams Bill Wins Senate Approval
mp3 (Sue Williams talks to reporters following the approval of SB 1495.)
Senate Approves Bill To Ensure Fuel Taxes Are Spent on Transportation
mp3 (Sen. Lawler discusses her bill.)
Senate Offers HOPE for Families Struggling to Pay High Energy Bills
mp3 (Sen. Hobson on bill's passage.)