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Bill To Ban Lottery Sales at Pawn Shops Advances 02.28.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Wilcoxson says selling lottery tickets in pawn shops and payday lenders is inappropriate.)
Senate Democrats Kill Republican’s College Scholarship Bill 02.28.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Jolley disappointed his college savings bill wasn't heard.)
Senate Approves Bill Creating World-Class Diabetes Center 02.28.06
mp3 / wav (President Boren elated by vote on diabetes center.)
mp3 / wav (Sen. Hobson says diabetes is a critical health issue.)
mp3 / wav (Sen. Coffee says he's excited about the impact of the proposed diabetes center.)
Senate Approves Victim's Impact Statement Bill 02.28.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Coffee says bill would prevent further trauma to crime victims and families when presenting impact statements.)
Senate Approves Bill to Require Sex Offender Info on Driver’s License
mp3 / wav (Sen. Crain says his bill would better protect the most vulnerable citizens from sex offenders.)
Senate OKs Largest Teacher Pay Raise in 7 years 02.28.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Emeritus Stratton Taylor debates for teacher pay raise bill.)
mp3 / wav (Entire debate on teacher pay raise measure - Sen. Clark Jolley, Patrick Anderson, Johnnie Crutchfield, Earl Garrison, Nancy Riley, Mike Johnson, Kathleen Wilcoxson, Ted Fisher, Jim Reynolds and Kenneth Corn.)
Senate Approves OHLAP Expansion 02.28.06
/ wav (Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Mike Morgan debates for OHLAP expansion bill.)
mp3 / wav (Entire debate on OHLAP expansion bill - Sens. James A. Williamson, Cal Hobson, Bernest Cain, Jim Reynolds, Frank Shurden and Jonathan Nichols.)
Senate Honors Pageant Winners 02.27.06
mp3 / wav (Reading of SCR 36 along with comments from Sens. Riley, Mazzei and Williamson as well as Miss America.)
Bill to Identify Uninsured Motorists Dies in Committee 02.27.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Williamson disappointed his uninsured motorist bill wasn't heard this session.)
Senate Democrats Kill Pro-Life Bills (Again) 02.24.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Brogdon said deadline to consider Senate pro-life bills has come and gone.)
House & Senate Leaders Announce Supplemental Appropriations Agreement
mp3 / wav (Audio from Legislative Leaders’ press conference on supplemental funding agreements. In order, those speaking were: Sen. Kenneth Corn, Rep. John Trebilcock, Rep. Curt Roggow, Sen. Jeff Rabon, Rep. Jim Newport, Rep. Mark Liotta and Sen. Frank Shurden.) 02.23.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Glenn Coffee, R-OKC, Republican Floor Leader Q & A with reporters after 3rd week of session.  Topics discussed included lawsuit reform, taxes and other issues.) 02.23.06
Senate Urges Reconsideration of Deal to Transfer Shipping Terminals to Dubai-Controlled Company 02.22.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Garrison explains his resolution on ports.)
Bill to Strengthen Retirement Systems Clears Committee 02.22.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Mazzei says the Teachers Retirement System is the biggest concern.)
Sen. Leftwich and Silver Haired Legislature Call for Hearing on Dept. of Aging Bill
mp3 / wav (Sen. Leftwich and Charles Campbell of the Silver-Haired Legislature urge the committee hearing of SB 809.)
Bill to Fight Meth Imports Heads to Full Senate 02.22.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Wyrick says his bill is aimed at stopping meth importers.)
Finance Committee Passes GOP Bill to Eliminate the Death Tax
mp3 / wav (Sen. Mazzei pleased with committee vote eliminating death tax.)
Senate Democrats Help Trial Lawyers Win Early Victory in Lawsuit Reform Battle
mp3 / wav (Sen. Coffee says he's still determined to get lawsuit reform legislation to the floor.)
Sen. Pruitt Lauds Passage of Income Tax Cut Bill   02.21.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Pruitt pleased with passage of income tax cut bill.)
Senate Leader Pleased With Agenda Progress after First Two Weeks
/ wav (Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan Q & A with reporters after 2nd week of session.  Topics for the Q & A ranged from GM closure to corrections funding to Eddie Sutton.)
mp3 / wav (Sen. Owen Laughlin, R-Woodward, Assistant Republican Floor Leader Q & A with reporters after 2nd week of session. Topics for the Q & A ranged from GM closure to tax cuts to Republican bills that haven't received a committee hearing yet.)
Victim's Rights Bill for Students Heads to Full Senate 02.15.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Laster explains his bill to protect school-age victims from juvenile offenders.)
Senate Appropriations Committee Gives Unanimous Approval to Diabetes Center Bill
mp3 / wav (OU President David Boren at Senate Appropriations Hearing on Diabetes Center Support.)
Senate Approves Bill to Save Oklahoma Jobs 02.14.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Leftwich says HB 1619 is an effort to keep jobs in Oklahoma.)
Wilcoxson Wins Committee Approval for Measure Banning Lottery Ticket Sales at Pawn Shops 02.14.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Wilcoxson explains lottery ticket bill banning sales in pawn shops and other
Neighborhood Protection Against Sex Offenders Act Goes to Full Senate 02.14.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Coffee explains Neighborhood Protection Against Sex Offenders Act.)
Caitlin’s Law Approved by Senate Panel 02.14.06
mp3 / wav (Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Caitlin's Law.  Audio includes Sen. Paddack, Donna Wootin and Sen. Lerblance.)
Sen. Leftwich Continues Push for ‘One Stop Shop’ Legislation for Aging Services
mp3 / wav (Sen. Leftwich continues push for creating the Department of Aging.)
Easley’s Funeral Picketing Bill Approved by Senate 02.13.06
mp3 / wav (Discussion & closing debate on Sen. Easley's funeral picketing bill which passed 46-0.)
Senate Panel Approves Bold Investment in Public Education 02.13.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Stratton Taylor explains the teacher pay package approved Monday by
the Senate Education Committee.)
mp3 / wav (Sen. Owen Laughlin, R-Woodward, Assistant Republican Floor Leader Q & A with reporters after 1st week of session. Topics for the Q & A ranged from Rose Day at the State Capitol and the various pro-life measures introduced to the DOC supplemental appropriation vote on Thursday.)
Wilcoxson Pushes for Passage of “LILA”  College Savings Bill 02.09.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Wilcoxson explains how LILA could help adults earn college degrees.)
Senate Works to End Public Safety Crisis Despite Continuous Road Blocks from Republicans 02.08.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Corn discusses passage of Corrections supplemental appropriation.)
Elimination of Death Tax Tops Senate Republican Rural Caucus ’06 Priorities
mp3 / wav (Sen. Laughlin, Myers and Coates discuss the Senate Republican Rural
Caucus' 2006 agenda.)
Coffee Praises ‘Rose Day’ Participants 02.08.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Coffee discusses Rose Day at the State Capitol.)
Water Safety Bill Clears First Legislative Hurdle 02.08.06
mp3 / wav (Subcommittee hearing on SB 1495, the Kyle Williams Boating Safety Education Act; includes comments from Sen. Kenneth Corn, parents Sue and Will Williams, Trooper Mark Brown of the Lake Patrol and others.)
Gumm Says Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday One Step Closer to Becoming Law after Passage in Finance Committee
mp3 / wav (Sen. Jay Paul Gumm's closing debate on his sales tax holiday bill.)
Senators Kenneth Corn and Todd Lamb speak at a press conference sponsored by the Safe Kids Coalition in support of SB 1495 or the Kyle Williams Boating Safety Education Act which will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety and Judiciary on Wed., Feb. 8 in Room 419-C at 8:30am. 
mp3 / wav (Speakers include Sens. Corn and Lamb, along with the Coordinator for the Safe Kids Coalition, Martha Collar, the parents of Kyle Williams, First Lt. George Green and Trooper Mark Brown.)
Sales Tax Exemption on Hornets Tickets Clears Senate Finance Committee
mp3 / wav (Senate Pres Pro Tem Mike Morgan and OKC Hornets spokesman Michael
Thompson talk to reporters following approval of ticket sales tax exemption bill.)
Senate Leader Applauds Positive Tone Of Henry’s State of the State Address
mp3 / wav (State of the State reax from Sen Pres Pro Tem Mike Morgan, Appropriations
Chairman Johnnie Crutchfield and Majority Leader Ted Fisher.)
Senate Honors Japanese Aerospace Center for Being First Research User of the Oklahoma Spaceport 02.06.06
mp3 / wav (Senator Capps, Charles Lauer and Senator Bass speaking during citation
presentation in Senate Chamber.)
Celebration of Life ceremony for Senator Robert M. Kerr
mp3 / wav