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Senate Democrats Unveil Agenda for a Safer Oklahoma 01.31.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Morgan, Sen. Corn & Sen. Paddack discuss Democratic Agenda for
Safer Oklahoma.)
Statement from Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Kenneth Corn 01.25.06
mp3 / wav
Senator Corn Pushes Measures to Take Politics Out of Appointments/Redistricting

mp3 / wav (Sen. Corn pushes measures.)
Senator Kerr Remembered as Statesman 01.25.06
/ wav (Motion to Sine Die audio with Asst. Floor Leader Sen. Angela Monson and Sen. Jay Paul Gumm presiding and Sen. Robert Kerr making the motion.)
mp3 / wav (Sen. Dick Wilkerson remembers Sen. Robert M. Kerr.)
Pruitt Calls for Reducing State Income Tax Rate to Under 5% 01.25.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Pruitt says that through decreasing the state's income tax rate Oklahoma will see tremendous economic growth like that seen in states such as Nevada, Florida, Tennessee and Texas that don't have a state income tax.)
Morgan, Senate Democrats Unveil Agenda to Strengthen Small Business 01.24.06
mp3 / wav (Audio from Senate Democrat press conference including Senate Pres Pro Tempore Mike Morgan discussing expansion of insurance premium assistance for small businesses, Senate Judiciary Chairman Charlie Laster discussing reforms for lawsuits and attorney advertisement and Senator Jay Paul Gumm discussing legislation to help more middle class families save for college.)
Sen. Ford Continues Push to Ban Contributions in Capitol 01.24.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Ford discusses proposal to ban Capitol Contributions.)
Jolley Calls On Legislators to Refuse Donations From Litigating Parties 01.24.06
/ wav (Sen. Jolley has asked for an AG opinion on dealings with OEA.)
Senator Crain Files Bill to Require Sex Offender Info on Driver’s License 01.19.06
mp3 / wav (Sen. Crain's bill would put sex offender info on driver's licenses.)
Sen. Williamson Authors Bill to Refund Turnpike Tolls to Oklahoma Motorists
mp3 / wav (Sen. Williamson wants rebate for turnpike users.)
Sen. Williamson Promotes Incentive Pay for Corrections for Lower Recidivism Rates
mp3 / wav (Sen. Williamson wants incentive pay for Corrections employees who help reduce recidivism.)
Wilcoxson Files Legislation Banning Pawn Shops/Payday Lenders from Lottery Sales
mp3 / wav (Sen. Wilcoxson wants Lottery Commission rule to be made law.)

Senator Bass Plans Legislation to Make Purchase Of Cell Phone Records Illegal in Oklahoma 1.17.06

mp3 / wav (Sen. Bass says his legislation is aimed at the sale of private cell phone information.)


Senator Williamson Authors Bill to Identify Uninsured Motorists 1.13.06
mp3 / wav


John Burwell of the Department of Ag said as of December 30, Forestry Division had spent 97 percent of budget 1.12.06
mp3 / wav


Senator Rabon Says Supplemental Appropriation Needed for Firefighting Costs 

mp3 / wav


Senate Democrats Announce Bold Funding Plan for Public Education 

mp3 / wav (Senate Democrat press conference on Education Plan.)

Senator Coates Asks Governor Henry to Declare Sunday Day of Prayer for Oklahoma
mp3 / wav (Sen. Coates asks Gov to declare Sunday a day of prayer for Oklahoma.)