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Senate GOP Leader Doubts Democrats’“Deathbed Conversion” on Public Safety Funding
mp3 (Sen. Coffee says he wants Senate Democrats to address public safety as a whole.)
Senate Unveils $10.6 Million Prison Funding Fix
mp3 (Sen. Morgan says Oklahoma has always been tough on crime, but now it's
time to be smart as well.)
mp3 (Sen. Corn presents the details of the Senate plan to fix Correction's funding.)
mp3 (Q&A with Sens. Morgan, Corn & Capps)
mp3 (Morgan says corrections has been chronically underfunded, but the Senate's
three-prong solution should have the problem fixed within the coming year.)
Senate Continues Work on Prison Funding Crisis
mp3 (Sgt. Deborah Powell, correctional officer, discusses staffing shortages.)
mp3 (Lt. William Weldon, Joseph Harpe, discusses staffing shortages.)
mp3 (Q & A with Sen. Corn)
Task Force Formed To Fight Eminent Domain
mp3 (Sen. Jolley discusses eminent domain in Oklahoma and why a task force is needed.)
mp3 (Rep. Liotta says Supreme Court has abandoned the definition of public use and that
the court has ruled but the fight is not over.)
mp3 (Jeramy Rich says the Farm Bureau is very concerned about this latest ruling and is
going to work with the legislature to solve this injustice.)
mp3 (Jolley says task force will ensure that property seizures in state remain under traditional definition of public use.)